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Initial Netcommand Setup - Mitsubishi Electric WD-60737 Owner's Manual

C9 series 737 series 837 series home theater television.
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Initial NetCommand Setup

To perform this procedure, you need:
The remote controls for both the TV and the
device you want to control.
An IR emitter cable available from Mitsubishi
Note: To set up an A/V receiver, see "Setting Up A/V
Receiver Control," page 52.
Connect and position the IR emitters for the
devices you wish to control. See "IR Emitter Place-
ment" on the opposite page.
Set the
TV's remote control to TV mode and power
on the TV.
Open the NetCommand
If working from the
after the device is first detected, highlight
NetCommand and press ENTER to open the
Learn screen for the device.
If performing NetCommand setup at any time
after the device has been recognized through
Auto Input Sensing:
a. Press ACTIVITY.
b. Highlight the desired input icon and press
ENTER to switch to that input.
c. Press MENU, highlight Inputs, and highlight
Learn to open the Inputs > Learn screen
for the device.
The first function highlighted in the
is always Power On. Aim the TV's remote control
at the TV and press ENTER to begin learning for that
When the
Power On text starts flashing, aim the
device's remote control at the TV and hold the POWER
key until a check mark appears next to Power On.
If the text stops flashing before the check mark
appears, repeat the previous step.
To remove the key from NetCommand control,
press the CANCEL key while the key name is
keys on the TV's remote control
Press the
to highlight other keys on the list. Repeat steps
4 and 5 for each additional function you wish to
control through NetCommand.
Note: Device keys in the far right column will be asso-
ciated with the remote control's MORE key when
"learned." See the table on page 49.
If the device has a separate
on the TV's remote to highlight Power Off.
Repeat the earlier steps to "learn" the POWER OFF key.
If the device has no POWER OFF key, skip this step.
BACK to finish NetCommand "learning" for the
current device.
5. NetCommand IR Control (837 Series)
Learn screen as follows:
New Device Found screen
Learn screen
POWER OFF key, press
From the New Device Found screen, highlight
NetCommand and press ENTER to open the Learn
Device-specific keys in the
rightmost column can be accessed
with the MORE key after "learning."
Adding or Removing Device Keys from
NetCommand Control
Switch the TV to the device. Press
light the device's icon, and press ENTER.
Open the
Inputs menu and highlight the Learn icon.
Learn screen displays:
When the
To add keys:
under "Initial NetCommand Setup" on this
To delete keys:
you wish to delete and press CANCEL on the
TV's remote control to clear the check mark.
Inputs > Learn screen
Key names marked with a
check have been "learned."
Continue as described earlier
Highlight the name of the key


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