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Lamp Replacement - Mitsubishi Electric XD211U User Manual

Mitsubishi xd211u: user guide.
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Lamp replacement

This projector is equipped with a lamp to project images. This lamp is
a consumable. It may burn out or its brightness may decrease during
use. In such cases, replace the lamp with a new one as soon as pos-
sible. Be sure to replace the lamp with a new lamp separately sold
that is exclusive to this projector. Contact your dealer for purchase of
the lamp.
Replace the spare lamp using the lamp attachment unit that is
equipped with the spare lamp (separately sold) designed specifically
for this projector.
Spare lamp for XD211U: VLT-XD210LP
Do not remove the lamp immediately after using the projector. You
may get burned because the lamp very hot after use.
Before replacing the lamp, press the STANDBY button to turn off
the lamp and wait for two minutes for lamp to cool down. Unplug
the power cord from wall outlet and wait one hour for the lamp to
cool down completely.
Do not remove the lamp except for replacement. Careless han-
dling can cause injury or fire.
Do not touch the lamp directly. It may break and cause injury or
Be sure not to drop the lamp lid screw into the projector. Also be
sure not to put metal or any flammable objects inside because it
may cause fire or electric shock. If any objects should fall inside,
unplug and contact your dealer.
Install the lamp securely to prevent failure and fire.
If the lamp should break, small glass fragments may fall out
through the grilles and some may remain inside of the projector or
the lamp box. When taking the lamp box out, be sure to turn over
the projector and hold the handle of the lamp box to avoid injury
due to the glass fragments.
If the lamp should break, never shake the lamp box or hold it in
front of your face after removing it. The lass fragments may fall out
and cause injury to your eyes.
Be sure to use the lamp dedicated to this projector, VLT-XD210LP
for XD211U. Use of other lamps may cause a failure of the projec-
If the projector is installed in a ceiling mount, remove it from the
mount. Place a protective sheet (cloth) beneath the projector. Turn the
projector over so you can access the lamp cover.
1. Loosen the screw in the lamp cover and remove the cover.
2. Loosen the two screws from the lamp module.
3. Pull up the handle, and then pull out the lamp unit by the handle.
4. Insert a new lamp module into the projector and tighten the
5. Attach the lamp cover and tighten the screw.
Reset of the lamp operation time
Plug in the power cord and power on, and reset the lamp operation
time by pressing the MENU button. Select Setting>Lamp Time
The projector doesn't turn on if the lamp cover isn't attached
Be sure to reset the lamp operation time whenever you replace
the lamp.
Do not reset the lamp operation time unless you replace the lamp.
The lamp is fragile. If it is broken, be careful not to cut yourself with
glass fragments.
Contact your dealer for a new lamp.
Interval of lamp replacement
When the lamp operation time exceeds 3000 hours, the
lamp replacement message will appear on the screen
until the lamp is replaced and the lamp operation time is
Do not open the lamp cover when the projector is set at a ceiling
or a high place. Lamp fragments may fall from the inside if the
lamp were broken.
Please contact your dealer when you need to replace the lamp
with a new one.
Lamp Time is calculated by Low Lamp Mode. (At Standard Lamp
Mode, 2000 hours are equal to 3000 hours at Low Lamp Mode. In
this case, the warning message will be displayed.)
This projector uses a lamp that contains mercury. Disposal of the
lamp or the projector with the lamp may be regulated due to envi-
ronmental considerations. For disposal or recycling information,
please contact your local authorities or the Electronic Industries
Alliance: (For US only).


Table of Contents

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