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Maintenance And Care; Frequently Asked Questions - Miele S5 SEB228 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele s5 seb228: user guide
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On/Off switch on the
The Electro hoses SES 116 and
SES 119 are equipped with a switch on
the hand piece, which allows the
Powerbrush to be turned on and off
This allows you to vacuum without the
beater bar is desired, e.g. switching
from carpet to hard flooring.

Frequently asked questions

What if the Powerbrush automatically
shuts off?
The vacuum has overheated. The
temperature limiter automatically turns
the vacuum off.
This can occur if, for instance, large
articles block the suction tube or when
the filter bag is full or contains particles
of fine dust. A heavily soiled exhaust or
dust compartment filter can also be the
cause of overheating.
^ Turn the vacuum off and pull the plug
from the outlet.
^ Inspect the vacuum hose / wand and
all filters.
It is important to allow the Powerbrush
to cool off. It should be ready for use
again in approx. 10 minutes.
^ Plug in the vacuum cleaner and
switch it back on.

Maintenance and care

Removing threads and hair
^ Turn off and unplug the vacuum
^ Use scissors to cut any threads or
hair that have wound around the
roller brush.
The trimmings will be vacuumed up
once the vacuum is turned on again.



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