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Factory Reset; Noise Gate; Other Tips - Line 6 Spider IV 30 Pilot's Handbook Manual

Line 6 spider iv 30: user guide.
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lit: Significantly higher in pitch (Deviation more
Channel D
than or equal to 20 Cents Sharp).
If you are uncertain if the guitar is tuned correctly, double check your
work by using the '5th fret method'. For example, fret your low E string
at the 5th fret, then tune your open A string to that note. Now fret
your A string at the 5th fret, and tune your open D string to that note.
Tune your other strings in pairs the same way, with the exception of the
open B string, which should tune to your G string fretted at the 4th fret,
instead of the 5th.
Dial up more or less virtual room.
Reverb -
You can choose the overall volume of the amplifier,
Master Volume -
without affecting your tone.
Flip the switch to bring Spider IV 30 to life.
Power Switch -
Connect a pair of stereo headphones here. When
10. Phones/Record Out -
you do so, the speakers are muted. This jack also doubles as a Record
Output. Use a stereo 1/4" TRS cable to connect to a mixer or recording
Plug in any audio source to jam with your favorite
11. CD/MP3 Inputs -
music or drum machine. Use the device's output control to adjust the
volume. Start with the volume on your device at its lowest setting and
bring it up to volume you desire.
For more control connect an FBV Express MK II™ for channel
12. FBV -
switching, tap tempo, wah/volume control and tuner capabilities.
Connect an FBV2™ to easily change from clean to overdriven sounds.
Press and hold the Tap button as you turn the Drive knob past 12 o'clock.
As you do this, Spider IV 30's Channel A LED comes on. This gives the
kind of extra 'dirt' that you'd expect from a Distortion pedal with the
distortion control set low and the output control set high. It boosts your
guitar signal before it reaches the Amp Model, so that you hit the model
harder and get a more distorted sound.

Noise Gate

Press and hold TAP as you turn the Reverb knob. This turns the built in
noise gate on and off, which helps to cut down on hiss and noise. When
the Channel A LED comes on, this indicates the Gate is on. By default
the gate is on for all the amp models , except Crunch.

Factory Reset

Reset the factory programmed states by holding the Channel A button
down on power up. Warning: This will erase all your custom sounds, so
be sure you want to start fresh before you do it!

Other Tips

When you select an Amp Model, Spider IV automatically sets its tone
controls and effects to match the Amp Model. You can disable the auto-
FX selection (but not the tone control auto-selection) by powering up
with the Channel D button held. The setting remains until you power
up holding the Channel D button again.
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You can always download the latest version of your Spider IV 30 Pilot's
Guide online. While you're online be sure to register your Spider IV 30
or simply fill out and mail us your included registration card. Registering
gets you all set up for warranty service should you have a warranty issue
with your Spider IV 30, and also qualifies you for contests, special offers
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