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Operation - Makita BHR202 Instruction Manual

Cordless combination hammer
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Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the
battery cartridge is removed before carrying out
any work on the tool.
Side grip (auxiliary handle)
Always use the side grip to ensure operating
Install the side grip so that the teeth on the grip fit in
between the protrusions on the tool barrel. Then tighten
the grip by turning clockwise at the desired position. It
may be swung 360° so as to be secured at any position.
Bit grease
Coat the bit shank head beforehand with a small amount
of bit grease (about 0.5 -1 g). This chuck lubrication
assures smooth action and longer service life.
Installing or removing the bit
Clean the bit shank and apply bit grease before installing
the bit.
Insert the bit into the tool. Turn the bit and push it in until
it engages.
If the bit cannot be pushed in, remove the bit. Pull the
chuck cover down a couple of times. Then insert the bit
again. Turn the bit and push it in until it engages.
After installing, always make sure that the bit is securely
held in place by trying to pull it out.
To remove the bit, pull the chuck cover down all the way
and pull the bit out.
Bit angle (when chipping, scaling or
The bit can be secured at the desired angle. To change
the bit angle, depress the lock button and rotate the
action mode changing knob to the O symbol. Turn the bit
to the desired angle.
Depress the lock button and rotate the action mode
changing knob to the
symbol. Then make sure that the
bit is securely held in place by turning it slightly.
Depth gauge
The depth gauge is convenient for drilling holes of
uniform depth. Loosen the side grip and insert the depth
gauge into the hole in the side grip. Adjust the depth
gauge to the desired depth and tighten the side grip.
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Dust cup
Use the dust cup to prevent dust from falling over the
tool and on yourself when performing overhead drilling
operations. Attach the dust cup to the bit as shown in the
figure. The size of bits which the dust cup can be
attached to is as follows.


Hammer drilling operation
Set the action mode changing knob to the
Position the bit at the desired location for the hole, then
pull the switch trigger.
Do not force the tool. Light pressure gives best results.
Keep the tool in position and prevent it from slipping
away from the hole.
Do not apply more pressure when the hole becomes
clogged with chips or particles. Instead, run the tool at
an idle, then remove the bit partially from the hole. By
repeating this several times, the hole will be cleaned out
and normal drilling may be resumed.
Eccentricity in the bit rotation may occur while operating
the tool with no load. The tool automatically centers itself
during operation. This does not affect the drilling
Blow-out bulb (optional accessory)
After drilling the hole, use the blow-out bulb to clean the
dust out of the hole.
Set the action mode changing knob to the
Hold the tool firmly with both hands. Turn the tool on and
apply slight pressure on the tool so that the tool will not
The depth gauge cannot be used at the position
where the depth gauge strikes against the gear
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There is a tremendous and sudden twisting force
exerted on the tool/bit at the time of hole
break-through, when the hole becomes clogged
with chips and particles, or when striking
reinforcing rods embedded in the concrete. Always
use the side grip (auxiliary handle) and firmly hold
the tool by both side grip and switch handle during
operations. Failure to do so may result in the loss
of control of the tool and potentially severe injury.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents