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Preparing Pasta Sheets - KitchenAid KRAV Instructions Manual

Ravioli maker
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1. Prepare pasta dough and let rest
at least 10 minutes. Cut dough
into sections approximately the
size of a tennis ball and work with
one section at a time. Wrap
remaining dough in plastic wrap
to keep from drying out.
2. Adjust Pasta Sheet Roller to setting 1
(Pasta Sheet
Roller settings
are adjusted by
pulling out and
turning the
knob on the
front of the
Turn the stand
mixer to Speed
2 or 4 and feed
dough into the
Pasta Sheet
3. Fold dough in half and roll again.
Repeat folding
and kneading
process several
times or until
dough is smooth
and elastic. Lightly dust pasta with
flour while rolling to aid in drying
and separation.

Preparing Pasta Sheets

4. Move the Pasta
Sheet Roller
knob to setting
2. Feed the
dough through
rollers to further flatten. Change to
setting 3 and feed dough through
rollers again. Dough should be
flexible, not sticky, and exactly the
same width as the flat rollers.
5. Using a knife, trim each end of
the dough sheet.
6. Lightly dust the rollers of the
ravioli maker with flour.
7. To clean Pasta Sheet Roller, let
parts air dry for one hour and then
remove any dried dough using the
Cleaning Brush. If dried dough
cannot be removed, try hand-
tapping the attachment. A
toothpick can be used if necessary.
Never use a knife or other sharp
object to remove excess dough.
Polish with a soft, dry cloth and
store attachment pieces in a dry
place at room temperature.
NOTE: Never wash or immerse Pasta
Sheet Roller attachment in water or
other liquid. Never wash in dishwasher.
NOTE: To avoid damaging the Pasta
Sheet Roller:
• Do not run a dishtowel or any
other cloth through the rollers
to clean them.
• Do not insert objects such as
knives, screwdrivers, etc., to
clean the Pasta Sheet Roller.

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