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Assembling Your Pasta Sheet Roller; Tips For Exceptional Pasta - KitchenAid KRAV Instructions Manual

Ravioli maker
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Assembling Your Pasta Sheet Roller

If you do not own a KitchenAid
Sheet Roller, pasta sheets can be
prepared by hand. Pasta sheets should
be rolled out to a thickness of
and a width of 5
pass through the Ravioli Maker.
To Attach Pasta Sheet Roller:
Remove "Do not immerse in water"
label, prior to use.
To attach accessory:
1. Turn OFF and unplug mixer.
2. Depending on
which type of
hub you have,
either flip up
hinged cover
or loosen
attachment knob (A) by turning it
counterclockwise and remove
attachment hub cover (B).
• Good pasta dough is firm and
leathery to touch, but also pliable.
It should never stick to your fingers
or crumble and fall apart. Many
factors, such as humidity, brand of
flour used, and size of eggs, may
affect dough consistency.
• To test for correct dough
consistency, pinch a small amount
of dough together after mixing
with the flat beater. If the dough
stays together without sticking to
your fingers, it should work well.
It may be necessary to add a small
amount of flour or water to reach
correct dough consistency.
• If using Ravioli Maker for the first
time, practice feeding pasta without
filling through the attachment to
perfect your technique.
(Purchased Separately)
1 6
inches in order to

Tips for Exceptional Pasta

3. Select Pasta Sheet
Roller attachment.
Insert attachment
shaft housing (C)
into attachment
hub (D), making
certain that the power shaft fits
into recessed, square hub socket.
Rotate attachment back and forth
if necessary. When attachment is in
proper position,
the pin on the
housing (E) will fit
into the notch (F)
on the hub rim.
4. Tighten
knob (A) until
Pasta Sheet
Roller is
secured to mixer.
5. Plug in mixer.
• Separated ravioli can be cooked
right away or stored in the
refrigerator overnight. For longer
storage individually freeze ravioli
on baking sheet. Then store in
freezer in sealed container.
• Cook ravioli in 6 quarts salted,
boiling water until al dente or
slightly firm to the bite,
approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

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