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Pasta Sheet Roller And Cutter Attachments; Assembling Your Pasta Sheet Roller And Cutters - KitchenAid KPRA Instructions And Recipes Manual

Pasta roller and cutter set
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Pasta Sheet Roller and Cutter Attachments

Pasta Sheet Roller — Adjustment
knob lets you change distance
between rollers to knead and roll
pasta to desired thickness.
Fettuccine Cutter — Cuts pasta
sheets into fettuccine-width pasta.

Assembling Your Pasta Sheet Roller and Cutters

To Attach: Remove "Do not immerse
in water" label, prior to use.
Before Attaching Accessory, Turn OFF
and Unplug Unit.
1. Turn mixer OFF.
2. Depending on
which type of
hub you have,
either flip up
hinged cover
or loosen
attachment knob
(A) by turning it
and remove
attachment hub
cover (B).
Spaghetti Cutter — Cuts pasta
sheets into spaghetti and thin
Cleaning Brush —
Use to brush away dried
dough after use.
NOTE: Never wash or
immerse attachments in water
or other liquid. Never wash in
NOTE: These attachments are
designed to be used with pasta
dough only. Do not cut or roll any
other material or food with this unit.
NOTE: When using the machine,
do not wear ties, scarves or long
necklaces; gather long hair with a clasp.
3. Select Pasta Sheet Roller or Cutter
attachment. Insert attachment
shaft housing (C) into attachment
hub (D), making certain that power
shaft fits into square hub socket.
Rotate attachment back and forth
if necessary. When attachment is in
proper position, the pin on the
attachment housing will fit into the
notch on the
hub rim.
4. Tighten
knob (A) until
unit is
completely secured to mixer. Please
refer to General Instructions in your
Stand Mixer Instructions and
Recipe book.



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