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Specifications - Makita VR001G Instruction Manual

Cordless concrete vibrator
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ENGLISH (Original instructions)


Vibrations per minute
Vibration head diameter
Flexible shaft lengths
(Country specific)
Overall length
(with battery BL4040)
Rated voltage
Net weight
without flexible shaft
with 1.2 m flexible shaft
Due to our continuing program of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change
without notice.
Specifications may differ from country to country.
The weight may differ depending on the attachments, including accessories (flexible shaft, battery case) and battery
cartridge. The lightest and heaviest combinations, according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014, are shown in the table.
Applicable battery cartridge and charger
Battery cartridge
Some of the battery cartridges and chargers listed above may not be available depending on your region of residence.
Only use the battery cartridges and chargers listed above. Use of any other battery cartridges
and chargers may cause injury and/or fire.
Recommended cord connected power source
Portable power pack
The cord connected power source(s) listed above may not be available depending on your region of residence.
Before using the cord connected power source, read instruction and cautionary markings on them.
The followings show the symbols which may be used
for the equipment. Be sure that you understand their
meaning before use.
Read instruction manual.
Do not use the tool in the rain.
Do not clean the tool with water.
Do not operate the tool outside of concrete.
Normal mode
Power mode
* Supplied as
optional accessories
ø32 mm / ø38 mm
* Supplied as
optional accessories
1.2 m - 2.4 m
282 mm *
D.C. 36 V - 40 V max
BL4020 / BL4025 / BL4040* / BL4050F* / BL4080F*
* : Recommended battery
DC40RA / DC40RB / DC40RC
Only for EU countries
Due to the presence of hazardous com-
ponents in the equipment, waste electrical
and electronic equipment, accumulators
and batteries may have a negative impact
on the environment and human health.
Do not dispose of electrical and electronic
appliances or batteries with household waste!
In accordance with the European Directive on
waste electrical and electronic equipment and on
accumulators and batteries and waste accumu-
lators and batteries, as well as their adaptation to
national law, waste electrical equipment, batteries
and accumulators should be stored separately
and delivered to a separate collection point for
municipal waste, operating in accordance with the
regulations on environmental protection.
This is indicated by the symbol of the
crossed-out wheeled bin placed on the
12,000 min
15,500 min
ø32 mm
1.2 m / 2.4 m
1,495 mm *
1,493 mm *
4.8 - 7.8 kg
PDC01 / PDC1200
ø38 mm


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