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JBL LXE330 Owner's Manual page 6

Lxe series
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minimum speaker impedance
required by the amp.
Bass is very weak AND/OR sound
seems to come from each speaker
separately, without creating a
stable stereo image between the
1. The polarity (+ & –) of one
speaker has been reversed
relative to the other. Double
check connections.
2. Speakers are too far away from
back and side walls or too far
apart. Experiment again with the
speaker placement. If you are still
encountering problems, consult
your JBL dealer.
The grille is held in place by pins
near the edges. To remove the
grille, grasp it by both top and
bottom edges and pull gently.
To replace grille, re-position it
carefully and press gently at the
corners. Do not push on the center
area of the grille.
The loudspeaker cabinet may be
cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
To remove dust from the grille
cloth, use a vacuum with a brush
attachment. Spots may be
removed with a commercial spot
remover. Do not use any cleaners
or solvents on the speaker drivers
Should your loudspeaker ever
need service, return it to the
JBL dealer from whom it was
purchased. If for some reason this
is impractical, in the United States,
call 800-336-4JBL for your nearest
warranty station. Military
personnel who purchased from
authorized military outlets should
return them to a similar outlet or
Mohawk Marketing Corp.
149 Business Park Drive
P.O. Box 62229
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 804-499-8901
Fax: 804-497-6690
If purchased outside the United
States, contact your local
distributor to make arrangements
for repair service. Do not return
products to the JBL factory.



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