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JBL LXE330 Owner's Manual page 5

Lxe series
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Hooking Up Multiple Sets of
If your receiver has two complete
sets of speaker terminals ("A" and
"B"), it's possible to hook up an
additional pair of speakers for
simultaneous sound in another
room. However, some speakers
may not be usable as a second
pair if you want to play two
sets at once. Before hooking up
another set of speakers besides
your LXE Series, check the
1. Your amplifier or receiver
minimum load impedance.
Impedance is always expressed
in ohms and can be found in the
owner's manual that came with
your unit. For example, the
following are typical entries in
amplifier/receiver owner's
A) 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms,
both channels driven, 20-20kHz
with less than 0.02% THD.
B) 160 watts RMS into 4 ohms,
both channels driven, 20-20kHz
with less than 0.02% THD.
2. The nominal impedance of
the second set of speakers.
A pair of LXE speakers when
conbined with another pair of
8 ohm speakers will present an
impedance to the amplifier/receiver
that is approximately 4 ohms. This
speaker combination can be used
with the amplifier/receiver cited in
B above. If the amplifier/receiver
has a specification similar to that
shown in A above, or if your
second set of speakers has an
impedance other than 8 ohms, you
must consult the amplifier/receiver
manufacturer for clarification.
The vast majority of new speaker
"malfunctions" end up being traced
to connections or switch settings.
To avoid packing up correctly
functioning speakers and sending
them off, only to find that they're
not really at fault, check the
following tips first, before
requesting service.
No sound at all or very faint sound
from either speaker
1. Amp/receiver tape monitor
button pushed in while using CD,
FM or phono inputs.
2. Wrong speaker switch, "A" or
"B" speaker output.
3. Sound source (CD, cassette
deck, turntable) not turned on, not
activated, not hooked up or not
selected on amp/receiver front
No sound from one speaker
1. Balance control turned all the
way left or right.
2. Speaker wire has become
3. One of the connections
between sound source and
amp/receiver is faulty or has
become disconnected.
Both speakers play at low volumes
but shut off as volume is increased
OR sound turns on and off
A few strands of speaker wire may
be shorting out. Recheck the
connections. Recheck the



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