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JBL LXE330 Owner's Manual page 3

Lxe series
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For the best stereo reproduction,
the two loudspeaker systems
should be an equal distance from
your listening position and
separated so that the angle
between them, at the listening
position, is between 40 and 60
degrees (see Fig. 1). For example,
if your listening position is 8 to 12
feet (2.5 to 4 m) from each
speaker, the two systems should
be about 8 feet (2.5 m) apart.
Placing the loudspeakers in
corners or against a wall will result
in the strongest (not necessarily
the most accurate) bass. Since all
LXE models have ports on their
front baffles, the speakers may be
pushed up against a wall or
bookshelf surface.
Fig. 1
Compact systems will also benefit
from placement on stands or
shelves. For the best stereo
imaging, we recommend that the
systems be placed so that the high
frequency transducers are as
close as possible to the ear level
of a seated listener. Every room is
different and there are different
tastes. So don't hesitate to
experiment on your own.
Thanks to their high efficiency,
the LXE Series loudspeakers will
produce reasonable volume levels
in a room of moderate size with
very little amplifier power.
However, using a small amplifier
to obtain the desired volume
listening levels may lead to
overdriving the amplifier. This will
generate high distortion levels and
may cause damage to your
loudspeaker. For the best
performance, an amplifier should
be selected with an output rating
that is greater than the maximum
power that will be used. This
margin of reserve power will
ensure that the amplifier will not
attempt to deliver more power
than its design allows. However,
the power amplifier's power rating
per channel must not exceed
the maximum recommended
amplifier power for that specific
loudspeaker model. Please see
the specifications section for
details. Following these guidelines
will provide virtually distortion-free
sound reproduction and long
loudspeaker life.



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