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Hoover U8371900 Owner's Manual: Replacing Powered Pet Hair Cleaning Tool Brush Roll . 14-15 Replacing Powered Pet Hair Cleaning Tool Belt; Thermal Protector

Hoover u8371900: user guide.
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8. To replace bottom plate (A),
insert the four tabs on edge of
bottom plate into slots on front of
Pivot bottom plate down and snap
4. With flat sides of turbine
retainers (G) pointing down,
slide retainers into grooves (H) in tool
housing and snap into place.
5. Replace agitator brush roll, belt
guard, and bottom plate as described
in Figs. 50 through 52.
Belt replacement
Inspect the belt
The powered pet hair cleaning tool belt
is designed to last a long time and is
not normally replaced. However, if the
belt is cracked, gouged or broken, it
should be replaced.
Remove tool from hose. The belt can
be seen through the top of the nozzle
or by removing the bottom plate and
belt guard (Figs. 46 and 47).
Thermal protector
An internal thermal protector has been
designed into your cleaner to protect it
from overheating.
When the thermal protector activates,
the cleaner will stop running. If this
happens, proceed as follows:
1. Turn the cleaner OFF and discon-
nect it from the electrical outlet.
2. Check secondary and final filters for
dirt accumulation.
3. Refer to "Clearing blockages" sec-
4. When cleaner is unplugged and the
motor cools for 30 minutes, the ther-
mal protector automatically resets and
cleaning may continue.
If the thermal protector continues to
activate after following the above steps,
your cleaner may need servicing (see
"Service" section.
Replace belt
When replacing belt, ask for
HOOVER part No. 38528037.
1. Remove bottom plate, belt guard
and agitator brush roll as described in
Figs. 46 through 48.
2. Grasp turbine (E) and pull
firmly to remove.
3. Remove belt from turbine pulley
(F). Replace with new belt.
Agitator brush roll stall
If the agitator brush roll stalls due to a
debris such as hair, strings, etc., the
cleaner will automatically stop run-
Disconnect cleaner from the electri-
cal outlet.
Turn the cleaner over and remove any
debris that may have accumulated on
the agitator brush roll. Plug the clean-
er back in and press the ON/OFF but-
ton once to turn cleaner on.


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