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Hoover U8371900 Owner's Manual: Agitator Brush Roll Belt

Hoover u8371900: user guide.
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What to buy
When purchasing a new agitator brush
roll, ask for HOOVER part no.
How to replace
Turn cleaner ON and rotate mode con-
trol dial to HARD FLOOR. Turn cleaner
OFF and disconnect from electrical out-
let. Place handle in upright position and
turn cleaner over so bottom side is up.
Remove the five screws as shown
with a Phillips screwdriver. Lift off
bottom plate (A).
Hold new agitator brush roll in
one hand; the belt in the other.
Slide the belt onto the agitator brush roll,
positioning the belt in the belt guide (D)
on the agitator brush roll.
Pull up on agitator brush roll (B)
to remove from brush roll cavity.
Grasp agitator brush roll firmly
and fit it into position by first slid-
ing end opposite the belt into the rectan-
gular slot (E) on side of the cleaner.
Pull other side of agitator brush roll into
Turn agitator brush roll making sure belt
is not pinched between agitator brush
roll and agitator brush roll shield.
Holding agitator brush roll with
one hand, slide belt (C) off the
NOTE: Hold on to the belt with one
hand. Do not allow the belt to fall back
into the cavity on bottom of cleaner.
Reposition bottom plate and five
screws. Tighten screws securely.

Agitator brush roll belt

The agitator brush roll belt is designed to
last the lifetime of the cleaner. It typical-
ly should not need replacement. If you
feel the agitator brush roll belt needs to
be checked or replaced, take your
cleaner to an Authorized Hoover
Sales and Service Center. Do not
attempt to remove the agitator brush
roll belt.


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  • Tony Mar 15, 2016 10:46:
    no where does it show or say how to replace certain pieces such as the handle release lever.