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Harman Kardon HK695 User Manual Page 20

Harman kardon hk695: owners manual.
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Troubleshooting: harman/kardon Champagne HK695 Audio System
Distortion (static, crackling
or hissing sounds)
Too much bass or treble.
Subwoofer emits a loud
hum or buzzing noise.
file:///D|/HK695/trouble.htm (2 of 3)11/16/2004 3:53:09 AM
Volume level may be set
low or muted.
Noise may be caused by
interference from the
Speaker is being
overdriven by an
amplified audio source.
Volume level on sound
card may be too high.
Sound card or audio
source material may be
cause of problem.
Are the speaker mode
settings optimized?
Bass/Treble level is set
too high.
Input cables not plugged
in properly.
Increase volume level on
control/right speaker.
Check volume level and
mute setting in Windows
Volume Control.
Turn monitor off to see if
noise is eliminated. Move
speaker cables farther
away from monitor.
Ensure that speaker is
connected to the
appropriate receptacle.
Check color-coding on
connectors when making
connections. Make sure
that all signal cables are
inserted snugly into
Check volume of sound
card via Windows Volume
Check speakers with
another audio source,
such as a portable CD
Set each of the three
knobs (treble, bass,
surround) on top of the
subwoofer to their center/
nominal positions.
Turn Bass/Treble down or
return their settings to the
nominal position.
Check input cable
Assuming power has
been verified, engage the
self-test by removing the
audio connector(s) from
the sound source output
(s) and connecting it to
the "DIAG" jack.
Disconnect speaker input
cable (green connector)
from sound card and plug
into CD ROM headphone
If static is eliminated,
troubleshoot the


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