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Assembling The Bracket; Securing The Bracket; Installing The Water Tank - Haier S110EHF User Manual

Solar water heater
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Installation instructions

Assembling the bracket

See the attached paper in the bracket packing case for assembly drawing and packing
list of the bracket.

Securing the bracket

1.Recommend you to secure the legs of the water heater on a foundation with
embedded irons. You can also make cement bricks, attach expansion bolts in the
cements and fix the heater legs on the expansion bolts.
2.Adjust the height of the bracket using the hard, waterproof spacers to ensure
levelness of the water tank as well as even the load of each leg.
1.Ensure close contact of all legs of the water heater with the support plane. No legs
are allowed to hang in the air as this may cause deformation of the bracket and thus
damage the water heater.
2.In the areas where typhoon happens frequently, fix the water tank and bracket firmly
on the roof with wire rope.
3.The water heater must be installed stably and firmly. Otherwise serious damage or
injury may occur in bad weather.

Installing the water tank

1.Take the water tank from the packing case and remove the nuts and shims attached
to the bolts on both sides of the tank.
2.Insert the bolts on the bottom of the tank into the long holes in the tank support of
the bracket and attach the shims and nuts.
1.To reduce scratching, remove the protective plastic film from the water tank after the
installation is finished. Never use sharp tools such as wallpaper knives to remove
the film.
2.The assembly of the water tank is realized by bolt connection and nut fixing. Tighten
all nuts after the assembly of whole water heater is finished.
3.When installing the water tank, please keep the center lines of the connection holes
of the vacuum tubes parallel with the
oblique-pulling posts of the bracket.



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