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Before Use; Special Tips; Selection Of Installation Location - Haier S110EHF User Manual

Solar water heater
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Table of Contents
Before use Installation instructions

Special tips

Prior to installing and using the water heater, please read the following contents
carefully. Please retain this manual properly for future reference.
1.Upon unpacking, please check against the packing list in this manual.
2.Improper use of the water heater may cause serious burns. Be sure to take a
shower or wash after mixing the hot water with cold water.
3.To ensure normal use, never refit it or block the ventilation pipe and overflow pipe.
Otherwise the water tank will shrink due to negative pressure

Selection of installation location

1.In areas where lightning strikes frequently occur, the water heater shallbe installed
within the lightning proof range of the building.
2.The orientation range of the water heater: 10 degrees south by east to 15 degrees
south by west.
3.There should be no shading objects in the front of the installation location of the
water heater. If there is a shading object, the distance between it and the water
heater should be longer than L. L=H/tg(66.5 -a) (where H: height of the shading
object; a: local latitude)
Note: Installation of the water heater must be conducted by professional


Table of Contents

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