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Is The Unit Installed Correctly - Haier AD142AMAAA Instruction Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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Confirm the following items for safe and comfortable use of air conditioner.
The installation work is to be burden on the sales dealer, and do not conduct it by yourself.
Avoid installing the air conditioner
near the place where possibility of
inflammable gas leakage exists.
Explosion (Ignition) may occur.
Select the place so as not to annoy
neighbor with the hot air or noise.
The electric work must be burden on the authorized engineer with qualification for electric work and
grounding work, and the work must be conducted in accordance with electric equipment technical standard.
The power source for the unit is to be of exclusive use.
An earth leakage breaker should be installed.(This is necessary to prevent electric shock.)
The unit must be grounded.
When you change your address or the installation place
Special technology is required for removal or reinstallation of air conditioner, consult the sales dealer.
Besides, construction expense is charged for removal or reinstallation.
The capacity of air conditioner will decrease by contamination of inside of unit when it is used for about
three years although depending upon the circumstances under which it is used, and so in addition to the
usual maintenance service, special inspection/maintenance service is necessary. It is recommended to
make a maintenance contract (charged) by consulting your sales dealer.
Installation place
Install the unit at well ventilated
If some obstacle exist, it may cause
capacity reduction or noise increase.
Snow protection work is necessary
where outdoor unit is blocked up
by snow.
For details consult your sales dealer.
Electric work
For inspection and maintenance
Install the air conditioner firmly on
the foundation that can fully support
the weight of the unit.
If not, it may cause vibration or noise.
It is advisable not to install the air con-
ditioner at the following special place.
It may cause malfunction, consult the
sales dealer when you have to install
the unit on such a place.
The place where corrosive gas generates
(Hot spring area etc.)
The place where salt breeze blows
(Seaside etc.)
The place where dense soot smoke exists
The place where humidity is extraordina-
rily high
The place where near the machine which
radiates the electromagnetic wave
The place where voltage variation is con-
siderably large

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