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Installation Check And Trial Run - Haier AD072XLEAA Operation And Installation Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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Installation Check and Trial Run

Check if the drain pipe and connection wires are arranged properly.
The drain pipe shall be put below. The connection wire shall be put above. Be sure to wrap
the drain pipe (especially the indoor part and the part inside the machine) with thermal ins-
ulating materials.
The drain pipe shall be made into slope. Avoid bulging up or down or phenomena shown
right figure in the run.
Installation check
* Are the power cord and the indoor/outdoor
* Is there any gas leakage at the pipe joints?
* Connection wire connected properly?
* Are the wires pressed firmly?
* Do the supply voltage meet the requirement?
* Is the noise too big?
* Could the drainage water completely discharged to outdoor
* Do the terminal numbers of the indoor/outdoor connection wire coincide with each other?
* Is the pipe connection part thermally insulated?
* Is the indoor unit mounted firmly and reliably?
Trial operation
The installation serviceman must conduct a trial operation and check:
* Does the temperature regulator work normally?
* Does the installation location selection meet the related requirements?
Wrap with the protective plastic tape
Wrap the connection pipe, the drain pipe and the connection wire
together with PVC tape.
The connection pipe must be wrapped individually with insulating material from down to up.



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