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Haier AD072XLEAA Operation And Installation Manual page 22

Duct type air conditioner
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Installation Procedure
The electric wiring work shall be conducted by qualified electricians according to the installation
instructions. A separate power circuit shall be used. Insufficient power cord amperage or improper
wiring will cause danger of electric shock or fire.
During wiring connection, the power cord shall be of the specified cable and reliably fastened so
that external forces applied to the cable wouldnt transfer to the terminals. Improper connection or
fastening will cause danger of heating, fire etc.The power cord must be fitted with a grounding wire.
Grounding shall be made as specified. Unreliable grounding will cause electric shock. The grounding
wire shall not be connected to the gas pipeline, water pipeline, thunder arrestor and telephone wire
A current leakage breaker shall be installed, otherwise it electric shock would happen easily.
The connection method of power cord is "Y" type.
If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service center or
similar personnel to avoid risks. The power supply to the indoor unit shall be laid in complying
with the operational instruction manual.
The electric wiring shall avoid contacting with the high temperature part of the piping so as to
prevent the cable insulation melts and cause dangers.
After connected on the terminal block, the wires shall be bent to U form and then fastened with
wire clip.
The control wiring and refrigerant piping may be laid and fastened together.
Before completion of vacuum pumping of the refrigerant pipe system, do not electrify the indoor
The power cord of the indoor unit and connection wiring between indoor and outdoor units
shall be laid out according to the operational instruction manual of the indoor unit.
The connection of the power cord shall comply with the local regulations.
The power supply wiring connection should meet the local regulation.
After electric installation,power on them to do electric leakage test.
Wiring connection method : (the wiring diagram is attached inside the machine)
1) Ring terminal connection method
If there is a ring at the end of the connection wire,
the wire connection method is as shown in the right
figure. Remove the terminal screw and insert it
through the ring at the connection wire end, then
connect to the terminal board and fasten the screw.
2) Straight terminal connection method
If there isnt a ring at the end of the connection wire,
the connection method shall be: loosen the terminal
screw, insert the connection wire end completely into the terminal board and fasten the screw.
Pull the connection wire outwards slightly to confirm it is clamped tightly.
3) Clamping method of the connection wire
After wire connection is finished, the connection wire must be pressed tightly with wire clips,
which shall apply to the outer sheath of the connection wire.
! Warning
! Caution
Connection method
for ring terminal



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