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HP jetdirect 175x Administrator's Manual: Tcp/ip Overview; Introduction

Hp jetdirect 175x printer-accessory: user guide.
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TCP/IP Overview


This appendix is intended to provide information to help you gain
a basic understanding of TCP/IP.
Similar to a common language that people use to communicate with
each other, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet
Protocol) is a suite of protocols designed to define the way computers
and other devices communicate with each other over a network.
TCP/IP is rapidly becoming the most used set of protocols. The main
reason this is happening is the fact that the Internet is based on
TCP/IP. If you have a network that you wish to connect to the
internet, you must be using TCP/IP to communicate.
Internet Protocol (IP)
When information is sent across the network, the data is broken
down into small packets. Each packet is sent independently of one
another. Each packet is encoded with IP information, such as the
IP address of the sender and receiver. IP packets can be routed over
routers and gateways, devices that connect a network with other
IP communications is connectionless. When IP packets are sent,
there is no guarantee that they arrive at their destination in the
proper sequence. That task can be performed by higher level
protocols and applications thereby allowing IP communications to
be efficient.
Each node or device that will communicate directly onto the
network requires an IP address, including HP Jetdirect-connected



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