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HP Netelligent 2008 User Manual Page 94

Hp netelligent 2008: user guide.
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Internet Control Message
IP Address
IPX Diagnostics
Light Emitting Devices
Link Test
Local Area Network
MAC Address
Provides error handling and control messages for
The 10Base-T interrepeater communication is
implemented using the REP, bidirectional, RS-485, 38.4
K Baud, serial connection. This link uses a bucket
brigade with token passing protocol to pass information
from repeater to repeater within a stack.
The Internet Protocol address assigned to a repeater,
module, or node. Internet Protocol provides
connectionless, best effort datagram delivery service.
Required to support the Novell NetExplorer server. The
NetExplorer server is used to update the NMS database
with the current network configuration.
Continuous transmission from a node, generally as a
result of a hardware or firmware failure.
See Light Emitting Devices.
Considered to be eye safe due to relatively low optical
power which, by design, emit incoherent light at a power
level well within guidelines for eye safety.
A test that is performed by the hardware to ensure the
integrity of the cable. The link test can be disabled to
allow old style NICs incapable of performing a link test
to connect to the repeater.
A data communications network consisting of host
computers or other equipment interconnected to terminal
devices, such as personal computers, often via twisted-
pair wire or coaxial cable. Typically, the network is
limited to a single premise.
The Ethernet MAC address is a 6-byte node address. All
Ethernet node addresses are unique. The MAC address
of a repeater must be known before the repeater IP
address can be set.


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