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HP Netelligent 2008 User Manual: Out-of-band Management (slip); Updating Flash

Hp netelligent 2008: user guide.
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Administration and Management

Out-of-Band Management (SLIP)

The Netelligent 2008/2016 repeater uses SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) to
provide out-of-band (remote) management via the COM serial port on the
repeater's front panel. The connected repeater acts as an IP gateway, allowing
the remote SNMP manager to communicate with any repeater in the stack as
long as all stacked repeaters are on the same segment or there is a bridge or
router providing connectivity between segments. The RFC1213 IpRouteTable
MIB object must be initialized or the default gateway set to the IP address of
the connected repeater to enable the correct forwarding and routing of IP
packets from all of the repeaters in the stack.
To allow a SLIP connection, you must set the IP address and subnet mask for
the SLIP interface. You can set these parameters by downloading a text
configuration file via XMODEM in boot (see the section "Using XMODEM.")
or through MIB variables or VT100 in Runtime (see the section "VT100
Management" in this chapter). To establish a SLIP connection, the repeater uses
the first packet it receives to synchronize the connection and then discards the
packet. This forces the SNMP remote manager to resend the packet (the user
perceives this as a slight delay). The connection remains synchronized until 3
minutes after the repeater receives the last packet.
NOTE: The repeater supports IP fragmentation over SLIP. This provides for a
maximum IP packet size of 1520 bytes for both SLIP and Ethernet. Without
fragmentation, the maximum IP packet size is 1006 bytes per the Berkeley UNIX

Updating Flash

You can update the Flash in the repeater using XMODEM, a BOOTP and
TFTP server, or a TFTP download via MIB variables through SLIP or in-band.
The repeater does not respond to SNMP network manager requests during Flash


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