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HP Netelligent 2008 User Manual: Ipx Autodiscovery; Ip Autodiscovery

Hp netelligent 2008: user guide.
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IPX Autodiscovery

The repeater supports Novell IPX autodiscovery through its HMI-compliance
mechanism. IPX autodiscovery supports the SAP, RIP, and IPX diagnostics
protocols. Using SAP, the repeater advertises itself as HMI compliant. When
Novell's NMS or ManageWise initiates autodiscovery, it produces bindery
requests through NCP to a NetWare server. This allows NMS to obtain the
internal network number of the HMI-compliant device and, through RIP, obtain
the MAC address and other necessary information to start SNMP over IPX
communication. IPX diagnostics are implemented only to support the
NetExplorer server. This protocol is not directly involved with the NMS
autodiscovery algorithm, but is used to update the NMS database with the
current network configuration.
Novell servers keep a cache of the services available on the network. The cache
has an aging mechanism, so services such as the repeater's HMI services can be
deleted. To prevent this deletion, the repeater broadcasts its services via SAP
every 55 seconds. You can disable or enable these SAP broadcasts through a
MIB variable. The default setting is enabled.

IP Autodiscovery

The repeater supports a generic IP autodiscovery used by many leading SNMP
platforms (e.g. HP OpenView, SunNet Manager, and NetView 6000). IP
autodiscovery uses the ARP cache of gateways or routers present on the
network. The gateways and routers have ARP cache aging mechanisms that
refresh the cache and remove undetected addresses, making it necessary to
periodically update the cache for IP autodiscovery. If there is not enough
SNMP traffic, addresses may be deleted from the cache. The repeater
periodically transmits an ICMP ping to its IP default gateway. You can use
either SNMP or VT100 management interfaces to change a MIB variable that
matches the rate of ping transmissions with the IP gateway's cache aging timer.
This guarantees that the gateway's ARP cache is current and valid. If no default
IP gateway is set up, the repeater does not transmit the pings and IP
autodiscovery is not guaranteed.
A MIB variable lets you disable or enable IP autodiscovery. The repeater
retains in NVRAM all settings for IP autodiscovery enable and ping timer
MIB variables.
Netelligent 2008/2016 10Base-T Repeater User Guide


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