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HP Netelligent 2008 User Manual: Reverse Arp Server; Nvram Usage

Hp netelligent 2008: user guide.
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Administration and Management

Reverse ARP Server

On IP networks, you can use a RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)
server to set the repeater IP address. Every time the repeater completes its
POST, it makes a predetermined number of BOOTP/RARP requests, each of
which contains the MAC address of the requesting repeater. (The number or
requests is set in the nw2BootpRarpRetries MIB variable.) The RARP request
contains the MAC address of the requesting repeater. The repeater issues the
RARP request simultaneously over both the ETHERNET_II and ETHERNET
802.2 SNAP frame types and waits a predetermined time interval (set in the
nw2BootpRarpRetryInterval MIB variable) for a response. If the RARP server
is active and finds the requesting repeater's MAC address in its database, it
sends the repeater its IP address. The repeater uses the response to determine
the frame type to be used for IP communications.


The Netelligent 2008/2016 repeaters have nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) that
stores parameters that must survive a power failure or CPU reset. The NVRAM
stores the following information:
Backup port information (the backup port status is configured during
boot; default = none)
primary port, backup port, and backup state
Port names information
Supports port names up to 10 characters in length for each port
(supports 17 ports).
SNMP information
IP address (default = If you set the IP address to,
there is no valid IP address.
IP network mask (default =
default gateway IP address
sysLocation (RFC1213)


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