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HP Netelligent 2008 User Manual: Bootp Server

Hp netelligent 2008: user guide.
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If you update the repeater firmware with an XMODEM configuration
file while the PWR LED is orange (i.e., while executing from Boot), the
updates take effect when the firmware jumps from the boot sectors into
the Flash sectors (i.e., they will be valid by the time the PWR LED turns
green). If you update the firmware when the PWR LED is already green
(i.e., executing from Flash) and only the configuration parameters are
updated, the updates take effect immediately.

BOOTP Server

On IP networks, you can use a BOOTP server to set the repeater configuration
parameters and download new Flash updates. (See "Updating Flash" in this
chapter.) Every time the repeater initializes its BOOT, it makes a predetermined
number of BOOTP/RARP requests, each of which contains the MAC address
of the requesting repeater. (The number or requests is set in the
nw2BootpRarpRetries MIB variable.) The repeater issues the BOOTP request
simultaneously over both the ETHERNET_II and ETHERNET 802.2 SNAP
frame types and waits a predetermined time interval (set in the
nw2BootpRarpRetryInterval MIB variable) for a response.
If the BOOTP server is active and finds the repeater's MAC address in its
database, it sends the repeater its IP address, IP net mask, and IP default
gateway. If the BOOTP response is valid, the repeater makes no more BOOTP
requests. The repeater uses the BOOTP response to determine the frame type to
be used for IP communications. If the repeater receives no BOOTP response,
the firmware performs the same sequence using RARP requests instead of
BOOTP requests. Shown below is a sample USRBOOTP file. This sample file
also updates the Flash program sectors.
Netelligent 2008/2016 10Base-T Repeater User Guide


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