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Run The Schedule; Run Schedule From Slideshow; Run Schedule From Calendar/Clock Screen; Set The Date And Time - HP DF1010P1 User Manual

7"/9"/10.1" digital photo frame
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Run the Schedule

After the schedule times have been set (per above instructions), you will use the
you want the schedule to take effect.
There are two methods for running the schedule, either from a slideshow or from the
CAUTION: After you select the

Run Schedule from Slideshow

1. Start a slideshow, and then press
small timer clock will appear indicating the schedule is active. To run the schedule when the
button is no longer displayed, restart your slideshow and then press
appears again.
2. The DPF will go into stand-by mode according to the schedule, and when it resumes operation, the
slideshow will again begin
to play.

Run Schedule from CALENDAR/CLOCK Screen

1. On the
2. Select
operate according to the set schedule.
3. The DPF will go into stand-by mode according to the schedule, and when it resumes operation, the

Set the Date and Time

1. On the
2. Select
3. Select
DPF to PC – USB Connection
You can connect the DPF to a Windows PC or Macintosh computer via a USB cable to copy files between the computer
and the DPF's internal memory.
If you have memory cards inserted in the DPF, you can also copy between the PC, internal memory, and memory cards.
Connect DPF to Windows PC
1. Connect the small end of the USB cable to DPF's Mini USB port, and the larger end to an available USB port on
your computer.
2. A window opens listing all drives connected to your computer.
3. The internal memory (titled HP_DPF) and each memory card present in the DPF will be associated with one disk
drive on your PC.
IMPORTANT: If your PC is connected to Local Area Network drives, or if you have multiple drive letters
4. Double-click the desired drive to display the files on the card.
5. To copy files from a media source, select and drag them into the DPF's internal memory drive (HP_DPF).
Run Schedule
pressing remote or control button, powering off) and the schedule will not take effect until you select
this function again to re-activate.
screen, press
. A small timer clock will appear indicating the schedule is active, and then the DPF will
Run Schedule
screen will again be displayed.
screen, press
, and then select the options and use
Set Date/Time
already assigned to peripheral devices, you will need to manage your drive settings in
Windows to free up the four drive letters immediately following your CD-ROM drive so the
DPF can assign them to memory card slots properly.
function, any user intervention will cancel the activation (i.e.,
when the
button appears (approx 10 seconds). A
Run Schedule
function whenever
Run Schedule
Run Schedule
when the
Run Schedule
to change the field values.



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