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Red Hat Activation; Verify After First Boot; Upgrading The Bios - HP xw4100 Setup And Troubleshooting Manual

Hp xw series workstations
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Red Hat Activation

With your workstation you received an activation card called Activate Your Subscription. This card is
necessary to activate your Linux subscription with Red Hat Network. Until activation, your Red Hat Linux
is not fully enabled.
To activate Red Hat Linux, click the Activate Your Subscription icon on your desktop. This takes you
to Follow the instructions at this website to activate your subscription using
the information on the card.
HP recommends that you activate your subscription as soon as you connect to the web.

Verify After First Boot

HP continually strives to implement new enhancements that will increase functionality, performance,
and reliability of your HP Workstation. To ensure that your workstation takes advantage of the latest
enhancements, HP recommends that you install the latest BIOS, driver and software updates on a
regular basis.
After successfully booting your system for the first time:
Verify you have the latest system BIOS loaded. Refer to
Verify you have the latest drivers for your system. Refer to
Also, consider the following:
Subscribe to Driver Alerts at

Upgrading the BIOS

After the first boot, it is a good practice to verify your system is operating with the latest BIOS.
To check the current BIOS on the system:
During power up, wait for the prompt F10=setup to appear on the lower right corner of the screen. After
the prompt appears, press the
BIOS version under File > System Information. Note this number so that you can compare it with what
is on the HP website.
To locate the latest BIOS available, go to Select Download
Drivers and Software from the left-hand menu and follow the instructions to locate the latest BIOS
available for your workstation.
If the BIOS on the Web site is the same as the version on your system, no further action is required.
For detailed information on Linux installation, refer to the HP Installer Kit for Linux
Keep the Red Hat activation card with your workstation registration card for future
Locating HP Resources
key to enter F10 setup. The F10 Setup Utility displays and lists the
to become familiar with your available HP resources.
Upgrading the BIOS
for instructions.
Upgrading Device Drivers
Verify After First Boot


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