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Operating System Setup Software; Software Setup For Microsoft® Windows; Restoring The Windows Operating System; The Restoreplus! Process - HP xw4100 Setup And Troubleshooting Manual

Hp xw series workstations
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Operating System Setup Software

operating system is successfully installed. Adding hardware might cause errors and prevent the
operating system from installing correctly.
This section presents instructions to set up your OS and software, and to verify your system has the
latest BIOS and drivers.
Software Setup for Microsoft® Windows®
The first time you turn on the workstation, the operating system is installed automatically. This process
takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the
WORKSTATION UNTIL THE PROCESS IS COMPLETE. Turning off the workstation during the
installation process can damage the software that runs the workstation or prevent its proper
locked in on the hard drive. If the system is restored, the restore CD will check for the language
stored on the hard drive and will restore only the original preinstalled language. In the case where
a new hard drive is installed or no language is found on the disk, the Recovery CD will install any
language requested. A language selection is not required for the 64-bit operating system.
For complete operating system installation and configuration instructions, refer to the operating system
documentation that was provided with the workstation. Additional information is available in the online
help tool after you successfully install the operating system.

Restoring the Windows Operating System

Your workstation has a several methods to restore your Windows XP operating system to a near-factory
state, or to the state of the system at a predefined restore point. Your system has a recovery partition
on the system hard drive that contains software and data required for the restore process as described
in the following sections.

The RestorePlus! Process

The Window operating system and device drivers (for devices shipped with the system) are reinstalled
using this process. Some application software may not be restored using the RestorePlus! process. In
this case you must install the application software from the appropriate application CD. The RestorePlus!
process can be executed from CD or from the recovery partition contained on your system hard drive.
Do not add optional hardware or third-party devices to the HP Workstation until the
After the automatic installation has started, DO NOT TURN OFF THE
After you have selected a language during initial boot of the OS, the language will be
Software Setup for Microsoft® Windows®


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