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(The silkscreen subject to change without prior notice)
This indicates the program
you have chosen
As soon as the bread maker is plugged to the power supply, a beep will be heard and "1 3:00" appears in the
display. But the two dots between the "3" and "00" don't flash constantly. The blue backlight will turn off within 20
seconds when there's no action. The "1" is the default program. The "900g" and "Medium" are the default settings.
For starting, pausing and stopping the selected operation program.
To start a program, press the START/STOP button once. A short beep will be heard and the two dots in the
time display begin to flash and the program starts. All other buttons are inactivated except the START/STOP
button after a program has begun.
To stop the program, press the START/STOP button for more than 2 seconds, then a long beep will be
heard, it means that the program has been switched off.
After process starts up, you can press START/STOP button to interrupt at any time for less than 2 seconds, the
operation will be paused but the setting will be saved, the outstanding time will be flashed on the LCD panel.
Press START/STOP button again or within 10 min without pressing any other button, the program will continue.
It is used to set different programs. Each time it is pressed (accompanied by a short beep) the program will
vary. Press the button discontinuously, the 12 menus will be cycled to show on the LCD display. Select your
desired program. The functions of 12 menus will be explained below.
Program 1: Basic
For white and mixed breads, it mainly consists of wheat flour or rye flour. The bread has a compact
consistency. You can adjust the bread brown by setting the COLOR button.
Program 2: French
For light breads made from fine flour. French bread requires special timing and temperatures to achieve that
wonderful crispy and nicely browned crust. This is not suitable for baking recipes requiring butter, margarine or milk.
Program 3: Whole wheat
Whole wheat bread is a yeast bread that is made with a significant portion of whole wheat flour (50% or more), rather
than with all white bread flour. Breads made from whole wheat flour are more nutritious because the flour is milled
from the entire wheat berry (including the bran and the germ). Using whole wheat flour produces a bread that is
brown to dark brown in color (when all whole wheat flour is used), and the bread is more flavorful and healthful than
breads made with refined white flours (even though "lost"nutrients are added back into white flours).
Program 4: Quick (the loaf size and delay time are not applicable)
Kneading, rising and baking loaf uses less time than the Basic bread. But the bread baked on this setting is
usually smaller with a dense texture.
The operation time
for each program
Program 5: Sweet
The Sweet Breads settings are for baking breads with high amount of sugar, fats and proteins, all of which tend
to increase browning. Due to a longer phase of rising the bread will be light and airy.
Program 6: Ultra-fast (the delay time is not applicable)
Kneading, rising and baking loaf in a shortest time. Usually the bread made is smaller and rougher than that is
made with Quick program.
Program 7: Gluten Free
The ingredients to create gluten-free breads are unique. While they are "yeast breads," the dough is generally
wetter and more like a batter. It is also important not to over-mix or over-knead gluten-free dough. There is only
one rise, and due to the high moisture content, baking time is increased. Mix-ins must be added at the very
beginning of the cycle with other basic ingredients.
Program 8: Dough (the color and loaf size are not applicable)
Kneading and rising, but without baking, remove the dough and use for making bread rolls, pizza, steamed bread, etc.
Program 9: Jam (the color, loaf size and delay time are not applicable. Directly press START/STOP button
once to begin working)
The bread maker is a great cooking way for homemade jams and chutneys. The paddle automatically keeps
the ingredients stirring through the process and they make a wonderful complement to freshly baked bread!
Program 10: Cake (the loaf size is not applicable)
Kneading, rising and baking but rise with soda or baking powder.
Program 11: Bake (the loaf size and delay time are not applicable, but the operation time can be adjusted by
pressing TIME button. Press the TIME button once, the time will increase or decrease 1 minute. The adjusted
time range is 10-60 minutes)
The bake setting is a "bake only", which can be used to increase the baking time on selected settings. This
feature is very helpful to set jams and marmalades.
Program 12: Home made
Be able to self-program by customer to reset kneading, rising and baking to keep it warm at every step time.
The time range of each program is as follows:
KNEAD1: 6-14 minutes
RISE1: 20-60 minutes
KNEAD2: 5-20 minutes
RISE2: 5-120 minutes
RISE3: 0-120 minutes
BAKE: 0-80 minutes
KEEP WARM: 0-60 minutes
Under the menu of Home Made,
a) Press CYCLE button once, KNEAD1 will appear on LCD, then press TIME button to adjust the minutes,
and press CYCLE to confirm the time for this step;
b) Press CYCLE to enter the next step, RISE1 will appear on LCD and then press TIME button to adjust the
minutes, the number will increase rapidly if TIME button is hold. Further press CYCLE to confirm.
c) In this way set the remaining steps. Upon finishing setting for all steps, press START/STOP button to exit the setting.
d) Press START/STOP button further to activate the operation.
NOTE: The setting can be saved and is effective in next use.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents