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HP TouchSmart 320-1030 Getting Started Manual page 31

Hp touchsmart 320-1030: user guide
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Table of Contents
System Recovery
As needed
Backing up your data
Keeping the computer free of dust, dirt, and heat
Keeping your computer system free of dust, dirt, and heat will prolong its life. Dust, pet hair, and other particles
can build up, creating a blanket effect; as a result, components can overheat, or, in the case of the keyboard and
mouse, not work smoothly and effectively. Check your system once a month for visible signs of dust and debris,
and clean it about once every three months. Visit for additional cleaning instructions.
Cleaning the computer
In time, your system might still get bogged down, depending on the computer usage.
Use System Recovery to wipe your Windows operating system installation clean,
restoring it to the original configuration when you first started your system. Make a
backup of important data files before proceeding with a System Recovery. See
System Recovery on page 28 for further details.
Use CD or DVD recording software that is installed on your computer to create (or
"burn") backup discs of important information, including personal files, e-mail
messages, and website bookmarks. You can also move data to an external hard disk
Air vents keep the computer cool. Keep these vents clean by using a small,
battery-powered vacuum cleaner. (A battery-powered vacuum cleaner eliminates
the risk of electric shock.)
Vacuum the vents on the computer case.
Remove any debris that has accumulated in and around the computer
connectors (for example, the Ethernet and USB connectors).

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Table of Contents

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