Control, Maintenance And Service Of The Hedge Trimmer's; Assembly; (325Hda55, 325He3); Fitting The Handle (325He3, 325He4) - Husqvarna 325HDA55 X Series Operator's Manual

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Fitting the hand guard and loop
Montarea protectiei pentru mana si a
manerului ( 325HDA; 325 HE3)
handle (325HDA55, 325HE3)
1. Assemble the hand guard
1. Asamblai aparatoare
and loop handle by
pentru mana si manerul prin
prinderea lor in suruburi.
screwing them together.
Aveti grija la alinierea gaurilor
Take care to align the holes
in ambele parti.
in both parts.
2. Translati ansamblul maner
2. Slide the loop handle and
si aparatoare pe arbore.
the hand guard onto the
3. Translati distantierul in
orificiul din maner
3. Slide the spacer into the
4. Fixati boltul si piulita. Nu
slot in the loop handle.
strangeti tare.
4. Fit the nut and bolt. Do
5. Reglati pentru realizarea
not over-tighten.
unei pozitii confortabile de
lucru. Strangeti piulita.
ATENTIE ! Asamblul nu
5. Adjust to give a
trebuie montat in spatele
comfortable working
semnelor de pe arbore
position. Tighten the nut.
NOTE! The loop handle
and hand guard must not
be fitted behind the arrow
marked on the shaft.
Montarea manerului ( 325 HE3; 325 HE4)

Fitting the handle (325HE3, 325HE4)

Fit the handle using two
Montati manerul folosind cele
doua suruburi
– English


Montarea dispozitivului de taiere

Fitting the cutting attachment

Lay the hedge trimmer on a
Asezati dispozitivul pe o
suprafata plana inainte de
flat surface before fitting the
montarea aparatului de taiere.
cutting attachment. Other-
Altfel acesta s-ar putea sa nu
wise the cutting attachment
fie bine montat
may not be fitted straight.
1. Asezati accesoriile de
prindere pe arbore. NOTA !
1. Fit the cutting
Asigurativa ca arborele de
attachment to the shaft.
transmitere a miscarii este
aliniat cu dispozitiv de taiere.
NOTE! Make sure the
drive shaft on the shaft is
2. Strangeti surubul inferior,
aligned with the cut-out
apoi pe cel superior.
in the cutting attachment.
2. Tighten the lower screw,
followed by the upper

Adjusting the harness (325HE4)

You should always use the
Trebuie intotdeuna sa utilizati un
harnasament pentru a avea un
harness with the machine to
control maxim pentru a putea
give maximum control and
reduce efortul preluat in maini.
reduce strain on your arms
and back.
1. Puneti harnasamentul pe dvs.
2. Agatati masina de
1. Put on the harness.
3. Ajustati lungimea
2. Hook the machine onto
harnasamentului astfel incat
the hook on the harness.
carligul sa se afle la nivelul
coapsei dvs. drepte.
3. Adjust the length of the
harness so that the hook is
roughly level with your
right hip.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents