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HP Photosmart 140 Reference Manual

Hp photosmart 140: reference guide.
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hp photosmart
140 series
reference guide


Table Of Contents

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  • Page 1

    140 series reference guide...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4

    ......36 copyrights and trademarks ......36 hp photosmart 140 series...

  • Page 5: Welcome

    Thank you for purchasing an HP Photosmart 140 Series printer! With your new, compact photo printer, you can print beautiful photos quickly and easily with or without a computer. Because it is portable and lightweight, you can even take your printer with you on vacations and to family gatherings and social events to instantly print and share photos with family and friends.

  • Page 6: What's In The Box

    HP Photosmart 140 Series printer HP Photosmart 140 Series Setup Guide HP Photosmart 140 Series Reference Guide HP Photosmart 140 Series printer software CD (some countries/regions may have more than one CD) HP #57 tri-color print cartridge Sample photo paper and index cards...

  • Page 7: Printer Parts

    Paper tray door Open this door to load paper or insert a memory card Memory card slots For more information, see memory card information on page 10 Paper width guide Adjust this guide to fit...

  • Page 8: Back Of The Printer

    Blinking (Red) The printer requires attention USB port Use this port to connect the printer to your computer or to an HP direct-printing digital camera Power cord connection Use this port to connect the power cord included with the printer...

  • Page 9: Control Panel

    Note: The S computer. For an overview of the menu structure, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help. For information about viewing the Printer Help, see view the hp photosmart printer help on page 1. LCD screen...

  • Page 10: Printer Menu

    – For detailed information about each of the options listed in the printer menu, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help. For information about viewing the Printer Help, see view the hp photosmart printer help on page 1. + or – button to scroll through the photo layouts. The Photo The printer prints…...

  • Page 11: Print Cartridge Information

    Your HP Photosmart 140 Series printer can print color and black and white photos. HP provides two types of print cartridges so you can choose the best print cartridge for your project. For the highest quality photos, follow these guidelines: To print…...

  • Page 12: Remove The Print Cartridge

    1 Place the new print cartridge in the print cartridge cradle with the copper contacts facing toward the inside of the printer and the ink nozzles facing down. Push the print cartridge into the print cartridge cradle until you feel it snap into place.

  • Page 13: Calibrate The Print Cartridge

    To calibrate the print cartridge: Make sure there are no memory cards in any of the printer’s memory card slots. For more information, see remove a memory card on page 13.

  • Page 14: Memory Card Information

    For more information, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help. For information about viewing the Printer Help, see view the hp photosmart printer help on page 1. ™ ™...

  • Page 15: Insert A Memory Card

    After you take pictures with your digital camera, remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into your printer. When the memory card is inserted correctly, the memory card light blinks and then remains solid.

  • Page 16

    EADING CARD Note: If you used your digital camera to select photos on the memory card, a message appears on the printer’s LCD screen asking if you want to print camera-selected photos. For more information, see print camera-selected photos on page 20.

  • Page 17: Remove A Memory Card

    A blinking light means that the printer is accessing the memory card. Wait until the memory card light remains solid. Removing a memory card while it is being accessed may damage the printer and the memory card or corrupt the information on the memory card.

  • Page 18: Paper Information

    – The printer prints on the side of the paper that is facing up. If you are using photo paper, load the paper with the glossy side up. If you are using tabbed paper, load the paper into the paper tray so the tab feeds into the printer first.

  • Page 19: Print From A Memory Card

    Note: You can also print photos using your computer. For more information, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help. For information about viewing the Printer Help, see view the hp photosmart printer help on page 1. quick start Printing photos is as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s how you do it: step 1: set up the printer Install the print cartridge.

  • Page 20

    2: print a photo index Caution! Inserting the memory card incorrectly or forcing the memory card into the printer too far may damage the memory card and the printer. For more information, see insert a memory card on page 11.

  • Page 21: Decide Which Photos To Print

    Note: The index number on the index may be different than the index number associated with the photo in your digital camera. To print a photo index: Insert a memory card into the printer’s memory card slot. For more information, see insert a memory card on page 11. The message P screen, and the number of photos found on the memory card appears as a range (for example, 1–25).

  • Page 22: Select And Print Photos

    Once you have viewed a photo index to decide which photos on the memory card you want to print, use the printer’s control panel to select those photos. Load several sheets of photo paper in the printer’s paper tray. For more information, see load the paper on page 14.

  • Page 23

    S The index number of the selected photo(s) appears in the Selected Photos section at the bottom of the printer’s LCD screen. Press the L you want appears beside the Selected Photos section. For more information about photo layouts, see photo layout icon on page 6.

  • Page 24: Print Camera-selected Photos

    Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) file that identifies which photos have been selected for printing. Your printer can read the DPOF file from the memory card so you do not have to reselect the photos to print. Review the documentation that came with your digital camera to see if it supports camera-selected photos.

  • Page 25: Clear Photos

    You can clear photos one at a time, starting from the last photo selected, or you can clear all selected photos at once. Note: Clearing photos from the printer’s LCD display does not delete them from the memory card. To clear photos one at a time: To clear the last photo in the list of selected photos displayed on the printer’s LCD screen, press the C...

  • Page 26

    2 hp photosmart 140 series...

  • Page 27: Installation Troubleshooting

    Your HP Photosmart printer is designed to be reliable and easy to use. This chapter contains solutions to printer software installation problems. For detailed troubleshooting information about all aspects of your printer, including Macintosh installation and error messages, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help.

  • Page 28

    6 Click Yes to accept the changes. 7 Reinstall the printer software. 1 Uninstall the printer software. To do this, insert the HP Photosmart CD into your computer, click Uninstall, then follow the instructions on your computer screen.

  • Page 29

    Your USB cable may not be working or may not be connected properly. installation troubleshooting Solution 1 Turn off the printer and disconnect the USB cable from the printer. 2 Unplug the power cord from the printer. 3 Wait about 10 seconds.

  • Page 30

    3 hp photosmart 140 series...

  • Page 31: Support And Specifications

    HP Photosmart Printer Help, see view the hp photosmart printer help on page 1. If you are unable to solve the problem using the information in the HP Photosmart Printer Help, Web and E-mail support are available in the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

  • Page 32: Hp Phone Support

    32 or go to to check the duration of your free support. After the free phone support period, help is available from HP at an additional cost. Contact your HP dealer or call the support phone number for your country or region for support options.

  • Page 33

    Call HP support while you are near the computer and printer. Be prepared to provide the following information: • Printer model number (located on the front of the printer). • Printer serial number (located on the bottom of the printer).

  • Page 34: Specifications

    This section lists minimum system requirements needed to install your HP Photosmart printer on a computer and provides selected printer specifications. For a complete list of printer specifications, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help. For information about viewing the Printer Help, see view the hp photosmart printer help on page 1.

  • Page 35

    USB: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 Professional, ME, XP Home, and XP Professional; Macintosh OS 9 v9.1 or later, OS X v10.1 through v10.2 HP recommends that the USB cable be less than 10 feet (3 meters) in length support and specifications...

  • Page 36: Hardware Services

    Operation outside the product’s specifications. For HP printer products, the use of a non-HP ink cartridge or a refilled ink cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer. However, if printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of a non-HP or refilled ink cartridge, HP will charge its standard time and materials charges to service the printer for the particular failure or damage.

  • Page 37

    HP products may contain remanufactured parts, components, or materials equivalent to new in performance. HP’s limited warranty is valid in any country or region where the covered HP product is distributed by HP. Contracts for additional warranty services, such as on-site service, are available from any authorized HP service facility in countries or regions where the product is distributed by HP or by an authorized importer.

  • Page 38: Safety Information

    Warning! Potential shock hazard. • Read and understand all instructions in the HP Photosmart Setup Guide. • Use only a grounded electrical outlet when connecting the unit to a power source. If you do not know whether the outlet is grounded, check with a qualified electrician.

  • Page 39: Environmental Statements

    Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be obtained from the HP Web site at Customers without Internet access should contact HP support.

  • Page 40: Regulatory Statements

    Other brands and their products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. The embedded software in your printer is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group. The copyrights to certain photos within this document are retained by the original owners.

  • Page 42

    Printed on recycled paper Printed in U.S., 5/03 ENERGY STAR As an ENERGY STAR Hewlett-Packard Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency. © 2003 Hewlett-Packard Company ® is a U.S. registered mark. ® partner, ®...

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