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HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet 4050 Getting Started Manual

Hp laserjet,color laserjet 4050: quick start.
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HP LaserJet 4050
and 4050 N Printers
Getting Started Guide


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   Summary of Contents for HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet 4050

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    English HP LaserJet 4050 and 4050 N Printers Getting Started Guide...

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    HP LaserJet 4050 and 4050 N Printers Getting Started Guide...

  • Page 4

    Company 1999 All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, except as allowed under the copyright laws. Publication number C4251-90975 First Edition, February 1999 Hewlett-Packard Company 11311 Chinden Boulevard Boise, Idaho 83714 USA The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

  • Page 5

    HP JetDirect 10/100Base-TX print server card for connecting to a network, an HP Fast InfraRed (FIR) Receiver, and one 500-sheet tray. HP LaserJet 4050 T The HP LaserJet 4050 T comes standard with 8 MB RAM and two 250-sheet trays. HP LaserJet 4050 TN...

  • Page 6: Where To Look For More Information

    Where to Look for More Information . . . Several references are available for use with this printer. For additional copies of the guides below, contact HP Direct at (800) 538-8787 (U.S.) or contact your HP-authorized dealer. Additional information is available at

  • Page 7: Using The Printer

    Information on printer options that are available from within printer drivers. To view a help file, access the online help through the printer driver. HP Fast InfraRed Receiver User Guide Detailed information on using and troubleshooting the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver. Getting Started Guide 3...

  • Page 8: Installation Checklist

    Installation Checklist This getting started guide will help you set up and install the new printer. For proper installation, please complete each section in order. Unpack the Printer Install the Printer Connect the Printer Cables Install Printing Software Printing with the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver...

  • Page 9

    Step 1. Check Package Contents Power Cord Figure 1 Package Contents Note A printer cable is not included in the package contents. See the printer online user’s guide for ordering information. Printer Toner Cartridge Printer Documentation Printer Software Getting Started Guide 5...

  • Page 10

    Step 2. Remove Internal Packaging 6 Getting Started Guide Note Save all packaging material. You may need to repack the printer at a later date. 1 Remove the shipping bag and tape from the trays. 2 Remove the tape from the back of the printer.

  • Page 11

    6 Slide Tray 2 out of the printer. 7 Remove all packaging material and tape from the tray. 8 Slide Tray 2 back into the printer. Getting Started Guide 7...

  • Page 12

    Figure 2 Printer Dimensions 8 Getting Started Guide 24.27 inches (61.64 cm) printer only, rear output bin open 15.4 inches (39.0 cm) HP LaserJet 4050/4050 N 18.5 inches (46.99 cm) with cover open 13.3 inches (34.3 cm) with top cover...

  • Page 13

    Location Requirements for the Printer • A sturdy, level surface for placement • Space allowance around the printer • A well ventilated room • No exposure to direct sunlight or chemicals, including ammonia-based cleaning solutions • Adequate power supply •...

  • Page 14

    Step 4. Locate Printer Parts The following illustrations give the locations and names of the important printer parts. Top output bin Top cover Tray 1 (100-sheet) Paper level indicator Figure 3 Printer Parts (front view) 10 Getting Started Guide Control...

  • Page 15

    Figure 4 Printer Parts (rear view) Rear output bin (straight-through paper path) Power connector Dust cover FIR port (for the FIR receiver) Parallel interface port Network, I/O slot 10/100Base-TX RJ-45 port Memory (More than one DIMM can be installed.) Serial port...

  • Page 16

    Step 5. Install Accessories Install any accessories that you have purchased with the printer. Use the installation instructions that are packaged with the accessories. HP JetDirect print server EIO card FIR receiver Envelope Feeder * Dust cover is not used when the duplex printing accessory is installed.

  • Page 17

    1 Remove the toner cartridge from its packaging (save packaging for possible cartridge storage). Open the printer by lifting the top cover. 2 Rotate the cartridge and gently shake it from side to side to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

  • Page 18

    14 Getting Started Guide 5 Position the cartridge as shown with the arrow pointing into the printer. Slide the cartridge into the printer as far as it will go. If the cartridge is installed correctly, the cover will close easily.

  • Page 19

    3 Lift the back of the rear paper guide and slide it to the desired paper size until it clicks into place. If the tray is not properly adjusted, the printer might display an error message or paper might jam.

  • Page 20

    5 Make sure the paper is flat in the tray at all four corners and below the tabs on the guides. Gently slide the tray back into the printer. The printer automatically senses the size of paper if the tray is adjusted correctly.

  • Page 21

    Note The printer may pull paper from Tray 1 first. To change this, see the printer online user’s guide. Tray 1 Orientation Generally, load paper with the side to be printed facing up, and the top, short edge toward the printer.

  • Page 22

    18 Getting Started Guide 1 Locate the power switch on the right side of the printer. Make sure the printer is switched off. 2 Connect the power cord to the printer and a grounded power strip or an AC outlet. Note Only use the power cord that came with the printer.

  • Page 23

    Before connecting the printer to a network or computer, print a configuration page to make sure the printer is operating correctly. 1 Make sure the printer is on and the message is displayed. 2 Press [Menu] until the display reads...

  • Page 24

    5 The configuration pages show how the printer is configured. Note If an HP JetDirect print server is installed, a JetDirect configuration page will also print. Note If the configuration page does not print correctly, go to the problem-solving chapter in the printer online user’s guide.

  • Page 25

    • IEEE-1284 parallel • RS-232C serial • accessory connector • The HP LaserJet 4050 N printer also includes an HP JetDirect 600N print server card with an Ethernet 10/100Base-TX (RJ-45) port. FIR cable and port 10/100Base-TX cable and RJ-45 port...

  • Page 26

    22 Getting Started Guide Use the parallel port when directly connecting the printer to a personal computer. Caution Make sure the printer is turned off before connecting the parallel cable. Note To ensure reliability, use an IEEE-1284 compliant parallel cable (these cables are clearly marked with “IEEE-1284”).

  • Page 27

    Connecting Serial Cable If you are connecting the printer with the serial port, follow these instructions. Caution Make sure the printer is turned off before connecting the serial cable. Caution Do not connect a serial cable to the accessory port.

  • Page 28

    Use the RJ-45 port to connect the printer to an Ethernet 10/100Base-TX network. Caution Make sure the printer is turned off before connecting to the RJ-45 port. • Connect a twisted-pair network cable to the RJ-45 port on the HP JetDirect 600N print server card.

  • Page 29

    Accessory Port The accessory port is used for adding optional paper handling (external input, output, and paper finishing) devices provided by HP-authorized hardware developers. For specific installation instructions, see the documentation provided with these products. Caution Make sure the printer is turned off before connecting a device to the accessory port.

  • Page 30

    Follow the instructions below to connect the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver to the printer: Turn the printer’s power switch off. Attach the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver cable to the FIR port on the rear of the HP LaserJet printer. Note...

  • Page 31

    Figure 9 Attaching the Velcro Fasteners Figure 10 HP Fast InfraRed Receiver After Installation For more information, see the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver User Guide . Getting Started Guide 27...

  • Page 32

    Internet access to obtain the latest software. See the HP Customer Care Service and Support pages at the front of the printer online user’s guide for additional information if you do not have Internet access.

  • Page 33: Installing Windows Printing Software

    OK. Follow the instructions on the computer screen. Note For latest or additional drivers go to on the World Wide Web. * Includes only PostScript Level 1 Emulation for Windows 3.1x and HP FontSmart. Getting Started Guide 29...

  • Page 34: Installing Macintosh Printing Software

    Macintosh dealer. If you are on a network with multiple zones, select the zone in the AppleTalk Zones box where the printer is located. If this is unknown, ask your network administrator. Double-click the desired printer. A Desktop Printer icon should appear.

  • Page 35: System Requirements

    FIR port. System Requirements In order to print with the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver, you will need: • The receiver connected to this printer •...

  • Page 36

    Load a software application of your choice and open or create a simple document. Make sure the correct printer driver is selected. Print the document. If the document prints, installation is complete. If nothing printed, see the problem-solving chapter in the printer online user’s guide. 32 Getting Started Guide...

  • Page 37

    The user documentation CD-ROM contains the printer online user’s guide, the HP JetDirect Print Server Software Installation Guide , the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver User Guide , and Adobe Acrobat Reader for the English language. This documentation can be viewed directly from the CD-ROM or loaded onto your operating system.

  • Page 38

    To View the User Documentation from the CD-ROM For Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 From My Computer double-click the CD-ROM drive icon. Double-click the appropriate documentation folder. Double-click the preferred language. Double-click the document to view. For Windows 3.1x or NT 3.51 From the Main Group Window double-click File Manager, and then double-click the CD-ROM drive.

  • Page 40

    Printed on at least 50% Total Recycled Fiber with at least 10% Post-Consumer Paper Copyright© 1999 Hewlett-Packard Co. Printed in USA Manual Part No. C4251-90975 *C4251-90975* *C4251-90975* C4251-90975...

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