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HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet 1600 User Manual: Replacing And Recycling Supplies; Hp Policy On Non-hp Supplies; Resetting The Printer For Non-hp Supplies; Hp Anti-counterfeit Web Site

Hp laserjet,color laserjet 1600: user guide.
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Replacing and recycling supplies

To install a new HP print cartridge, follow the instructions that are included on the box that contains the
new supply, or see the Getting Started Guide.
To recycle supplies, place the used supply in the box in which the new supply arrived. Use the enclosed
return label to send the used supply to HP for recycling. For complete information, see the recycling
guide that is included with each new HP supply item. See
information about HP's recycling program.
HP policy on non-HP supplies
Hewlett-Packard Company cannot recommend the use of non-HP supplies, either new or
remanufactured. Because they are not HP products, HP cannot influence their design or control their
quality. Service or repairs required as a result of using a non-HP supply will not be covered under the
printer warranty.
When you insert a supply into the printer, the printer will inform you if the supply is not a genuine HP
supply. If you insert a genuine HP supply that has reached the low state from another HP printer, the
printer identifies the supply as non-HP. Simply return the supply to the original printer to reactivate HP
features and functionality.
Resetting the printer for non-HP supplies
When you install a non-HP print cartridge, the light next to the print cartridge you replaced blinks and
the Attention light is on. In order to print with this supply, you must press
install this non-HP supply. The status gauges will not indicate when this type of supply is low or empty.
could occur if the printer prints with an empty print cartridge. See
warranty statement
HP anti-counterfeit Web site
Visit the HP anti-counterfeit Web site at
gauges or HP Toolbox indicates that the print cartridge is not an HP print cartridge and you think that it
is genuine.
The printer will not stop printing when this type of supply is empty. Printer damage
Print Cartridge Limited Warranty
HP LaserJet printing supplies
(Select) the first time you
Hewlett-Packard limited
if the supplies status
Managing supplies
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