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H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r
Model Number and Description
HP DeskJet 870C Printer
HP DeskJet
870Cse Printer
HP DeskJet
870Cxi Printer
M o d e l N u m b e r a n d D e s c r i p t i o n
U.S. only
Fast black and color personal printer for
professionals. Printer may be locally
shared, or network connected.
Fast black and color personal printer for
professionals. Printer may be locally
shared, or network connected.



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  • Page 1

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Model Number and Description HP DeskJet 870C Printer Printer Model Name Numbers HP DeskJet C4565A 870Cse Printer HP DeskJet C4555A...

  • Page 2: Front View

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Front View Access Door Resume Button & Light Print Cartridge Latches Print Cartridge Cradles Single Sheet Feeder IN Tray Paper Width Adjuster Paper Length Adjuster Power Button &...

  • Page 3: Rear View

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Rear View IEEE-1284 Interface Port (MS DOS/Windows) Macintosh Interface Port When looking at the rear, the power plug is on the left side of Note the printer. R e a r V i e w...

  • Page 4

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Ordering Printer Options Localized Printer Options (HP DeskJet 870Cxi) Printer Region or Manual Option Country Language Number Argentina Spanish C4555A AC8 Asia Pacific/ Int’l...

  • Page 5

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Localized Printer Options (HP DeskJet 870Cxi) (Cont.) Printer Region or Manual Option Country Language Number Hong Kong Int’l C4555A AB5...

  • Page 6

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Localized Printer Options (HP DeskJet 870Cxi) (Cont.) Printer Region or Manual Option Country Language Number South Africa Int’l C4555A ACQ...

  • Page 7

    Swedish User’s Guide Kit Thai User’s Guide Kit Turkish User’s Guide Kit O r d e r i n g P r i n t e r O p t i o n s HP Reorder Number 8120-6836 8120-6174 8120-6173...

  • Page 8: Items Included

    One black and one color print cartridge Ready, Set, Create Print Kit (See below) HP DeskJet 870Cse HP DeskJet 870Cxi printer with power cord (see “Localized Printer Options” for details) User's Guide and DOS Printing Guide (see “Localized Printer Options” for details) Printer software (diskettes) (see “Localized Printer Options”...

  • Page 9

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Ready, Set, Create Print Kit CD-ROM with 648 templates designed for internal business communications (memos, reports, analyses, presentations) How-to guide for effective business communications Media samples: 5 transparencies, 5 sheets of premium inkjet paper, 20 sheets of bright white inkjet paper From Start to Business Print Kit...

  • Page 10

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Fonts Included Note HP FontSmart for MS Windows (included with your printer’s software) displays each font’s appearance, and allows you to add or remove fonts from your font list as you need them.

  • Page 11

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Scaleable TrueType fonts for Macintosh Arial Black ITC Bookman Bold Arial Narrow ITC Bookman Bold Italic Arial Narrow Italic Cooper Black ITC Avant Garde Dom Casual ITC Avant Garde Bold...

  • Page 12: Internal Fonts

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Internal Fonts All fonts included with the HP DeskJet 870C series printers are scalable fonts. These fonts are available in portrait and landscape orientation.

  • Page 13: Part Numbers

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Part Numbers I t e m Description Interface Cables DOS/MS Windows HP IEEE-1284 Parallel Interface Cable (2 meter length) DOS/MS Windows HP IEEE-1284 Parallel Interface Cable (3 meter length) Macintosh RS-422 Serial Cable...

  • Page 14: User Replaceable Components

    (C4555-67903 or C4565-67903) Base Foot Assembly (4 ea.) (C2128-40063) (Shown below printer) I/O Tray Assembly (C4555-67902) Service Station Assembly (C2145-67904) U s e r R e p l a c e a b l e C o m p o n e n t s...

  • Page 15

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Host/System Requirements DOS version 3.3 or later 80286 (or faster) processor At least 2 MB of RAM to print in black or at least 4 MB of RAM to print in color MS Windows 3.x 80386 (or faster) processor...

  • Page 16: Minimum System Requirements

    68030/33 MHz with at least 4 MB of system memory Power PC with at least 8 MB of system memory At least 7.5 MB free hard disk space (1.5 MB for the printer drivers and 6.0 MB for the optional fonts). If you have less than 7.5 MB of free disk space, your software may not install properly.

  • Page 17: Driver Installation

    D r i v e r I n s t a l l a t i o n Driver Installation For the printer to operate properly, an HP DeskJet 870C printer driver must be installed in your computer. Refer to “Printer Driver Information/Installing...

  • Page 18: Interface Specifications

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Interface Specifications HP DeskJet 870C series printers have two interface connectors to support both DOS and Macintosh computers. The 36-pin Centronics style connector is used with DOS/MS Windows based computers.

  • Page 19

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Product Performance Specifications HP DeskJet 870C series printers print a true 600 DPI dot size. In the Normal mode, 300x300 data is sent which the printer REts to 600x600.

  • Page 20

    1. In the Normal mode, a special Text/Lines mode is supported that optimizes performance and quality when only text and lines are present on the page. The printer uses this mode on a page- by-page basis if the following are true: All text (of any color) is less than 24 pt.

  • Page 21: Paper Handling

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Paper Handling Category Paper Grain Paper Weight Envelope Weight Card Stock Weight IN Tray Capacity Envelope Feeder Capacity OUT Tray Paper Capacity OUT Tray Envelope Capacity Single Sheet Capacity Card Stock Capacity...

  • Page 22

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Supported Media/Sizes Media U.S. Letter U.S. Legal U.S. Executive ISO & JIS A4 ISO & JIS A5 JIS B5 U.S. No. 10 Envelope International DL Envelope International C6 Envelope U.S.

  • Page 23: Printable Areas

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Printable Areas U.S. Paper Supported Media Media Media Size U.S. Letter 8.5 in. X 11 in. (215.9 mm X 279.4 mm) U.S.

  • Page 24

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r A4, A5, B5 Paper Supported Media Media Media Size ISO & JIS A4 8.27 in. X 11.69 in. (210mm X 297 mm) ISO &...

  • Page 25: Card Stock

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Card Stock Supported Media Media Media Size U.S. Card Stock 4 in. X 6 in. (101.6 mm X 152.4mm U.S. Card Stock 5 in.

  • Page 26

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Envelopes Supported Media Media Media Size No. 10 Envelope 4.125 in. X 9.5 in. (104.8 mm X 241.3 mm) International DL Envelope 4.33 in.

  • Page 27: Custom Page

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Custom Page Minimum Page Size Margins Width Length 3.94 in. 5.83 in. 0.04 in. (100 mm) (148mm) (1.0 mm) P r i n t a b l e A r e a s Bottom L e f t Right...

  • Page 28: Physical Specifications

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r P h y s i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s Physical Specifications Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lb.)

  • Page 29: Electrical Specifications

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Electrical Specifications Category Input Voltage Frequency Power consumption E l e c t r i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s Specification 100 VAC-240 VAC ±...

  • Page 30: Environmental Specifications

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Environmental Specifications Attributes Operating temperature Optimum temperature Storage temperature Operating humidity (noncondensing) Storage humidity (noncondensing) Noise Levels ISO 9296 Sound Power, L Sound Pressure, L 1.

  • Page 31

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Safety and EMI Specifications Category Specification Safety UL, CSA, TUV, NOM Certifications FCC Part 15, Class B, when used with a Class B computing device (USA), EMC Certifications Directive 89/336/EEC (European Community), VCCI Class 2 (Japan) S a f e t y a n d E M I S p e c i f i c a t i o n s...

  • Page 32: Reliability Specifications

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r Reliability Specifications Category Printer usage rate Mean time between failures (MTBF) Mechanism life R e l i a b i l i t y S p e c i f i c a t i o n s...

  • Page 33

    H P D e s k J e t 8 7 0 C P r i n t e r P a c k a g i n g S p e c i f i c a t i o n s Packaging Specifications Weight: 8.432 kg (18.59 lb.)

  • Page 34

    Attempting to refill the high- capacity print cartridge may result in a sudden loss of ink from the print cartridge . Printer damage caused by refilling high- capacity black ink or color ink print cartridges is not covered by the Hewlett-Packard warranty or customer service agreements.

  • Page 35

    Part Numbers Part Number Description 51641A Color Inkjet Print Cartridge (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow Inks) 51645A High Capacity Inkjet Print Cartridge (Black)

  • Page 36

    Print Cartridge Specifications Specification T y p e Ink Base 51645A (Black) 51641A (Color) Print Cartridge Life 51645A (Black) 51641A (Color) Typical Usable Ink 51645A (Black) 51641A (Color) Number of Nozzles 51645A (Black) 51641A (Color) Pen Speed 51645A (Black) 51641A (Color) Shelf Life Vertical Resolution 1.

  • Page 37: Thermal Inkjet Technology

    Thermal Inkjet Technology The HP DeskJet printer family uses Thermal InkJet II (TIJ II) technology. This technology centers on a disposable print cartridge which propels ink out of 300 nozzles (192 nozzles on the color print cartridge). The basic principle of TIJ II is to apply heat to a tiny measure of ink until it expands and is propelled through a nozzle.

  • Page 38: Print Cartridge Safety

    Print Cartridge Safety If ink is accidentally ingested, contact the HP Health Line 1 (800) 457-4209 in North America. From all other international locations the HP Health Line can be reached by calling 1 (503) 494-7199. For health related issues, this line is staffed 24 hours per day.

  • Page 39: Maintaining Print Cartridges

    Press the Power button to turn off the printer rather than unplugging the printer. Note On the HP DeskJet 850 Printer, opening the access door automatically moves the print cartridge to the center of the mechanism for easy access. Don’t: Do not use print cartridges after the expiration date.

  • Page 40

    Modifying or Refilling Print Cartridges See “Print Cartridge Information/General/Refilling Policy”.

  • Page 41

    Identifying the Expiration Date Print quality problems may be caused by print cartridges that have passed their expiration date. The print cartridge expiration date is 18 months after the date of manufacture. Methods for Identifying Print Cartridge Expiration Dates Method 1 - Read the Date on the Box If the print cartridge is in a box, read the “Use Before”...

  • Page 42

    Method 2 - Read the Code on the Print Cartridge 1. Determine the manufacturing date from the code printed on the print cartridge. 51641A (Color) 51645A (Black) 2. Replace the print cartridge if it is more than 18 months after the manufacturing date code.

  • Page 43: Short Print Cartridge Life

    Short Print Cartridge Life There are several causes for a short print cartridge life. The information below identifies the average print cartridge life and possible causes for a reduction to this cartridge life. Print Cartridge Life Specifications Print Cartridge Part Number Black 51645A Color...

  • Page 44

    Replace the print cartridge. If there becomes a pattern of faulty print cartridges, the printer may be causing the print cartridges to fail. In this case, return the printer for repair and indicate the history of the faulty print cartridges.

  • Page 45

    Print Cartridge Cleaning Routine If rows of dots are missing on printouts, try cleaning the print cartridge by using the print cartridge cleaning routine in the printer. Refer to "Troubleshooting Information/Printer Diagnostic Information/Print Cartridge Cleaning".

  • Page 46

    Clearing Clogged Nozzles If rows of dots are missing, if the print cartridge contains ink, and if the print cartridge cleaning procedure did not solve the problem, the print cartridge may have clogged nozzles. Replace the print cartridge.

  • Page 47

    Printout Missing Dots Horizontal rows of dots missing on printouts may be the result of a connection problem between the printer carriage contacts and the print cartridge contacts. For information about solving missing dot problems, refer to "Troubleshooting Information/Print Quality Problems/Missing Dots".

  • Page 48: Print Quality Problems

    Print Quality Problems Refer to "Troubleshooting Information/Print Quality Problems/Misc. Print Quality Problems".

  • Page 49

    Media Part Numbers The following are general guidelines for the selection and loading of paper and media in HP DeskJet and DeskWriter printers. For information about your specific printer, refer to “User’s Guide/Printable Area and Paper Handling.” HP Media Part Numbers...

  • Page 50

    Card (Available Card with two-sided printing Spring ‘97) 1. Verify through your User’s Guide the applicability of using banner paper with your printer. 2. Verify through your User’s Guide the applicability of using photo paper with your printer. Dimensions S h e e t s...

  • Page 51: Tips For Selecting And Using Paper

    Always use paper that conforms to the product’s specifications. Refer to “Product Information/Specifications.” Most plain paper manufactured for photo-copying produces good results for most printing needs. However, cotton bond paper, HP Premium Inkjet Paper, and HP Premium Glossy Paper produce excellent printing results for special projects.

  • Page 52

    Always use transparencies, index cards, postcards, and other media that conform to the product’s Specifications. Refer to “Product Information/Specifications.” For best results when printing on transparencies, use HP Premium Transparency Film. Do not use paper that is damaged, curled, or wrinkled.

  • Page 53

    The following are guidelines when using labels in HP DeskJet printers: Use only Avery paper labels that are specifically designed for use with HP inkjet printers. These labels are less likely to peel when inside the printer. Do not use plastic or clear labels. DeskJet inks are formulated for use with paper or specially treated plastic papers and will not dry properly when used with plastic or clear labels.

  • Page 54

    Always use paper that conforms to the product’s specifications. Refer to “Product Information/Specifications.” Most 20 lb Z-fold banner-type paper will produce good results for your banner printing needs. However, HP Premium Inkjet Banner Paper, will produce excellent printing results for all your banner printing projects.

  • Page 55

    Tips for Selecting and Using HP Photo Paper with the HP Photo Cartridge Verify that the HP Photo Cartridge is intended for use in your printer. Refer to the “User’s Guide” for your printer. Remove the black print cartridge and replace it with the HP Photo Cartridge.

  • Page 56

    (that is, where the paper is longer than wide when placed in the IN tray). Always use print settings in the printer driver that match the media type, size, and orientation. Before inserting a stack of media into the IN tray, always tap its...

  • Page 57

    For letterhead paper, load the letterhead side down and facing the back of the paper tray. For HP Premium Inkjet Paper, load face down the side identified on the packaging as the print side with the corner arrow facing the back of the paper tray.

  • Page 58

    AC Voltage 120V Korea, Taiwan, Arabic Countries Japan 100 V Europe, Jordan, 220V Russia 220V Switzerland 220V South Africa 220V India Australia New Zealand 220V Mainland China Denmark 220V HP Part Number 8120-6836 8120-6176 8120-6174 8120-6173 8120-6179 8120-6180 8120-6175 8120-6178...

  • Page 59: Warranty Information

    The duration of this limited warranty is stated above. Certain additional conditions and limitations of HP’s warranty are stated in the user’s guide. Those conditions and limitations include: For software products, the warranty applies only to the media upon which the product is recorded;...

  • Page 60

    Use of non-supported printing media or memory boards; or Improper site preparation or maintenance. For HP printer products, the use of a non-HP print cartridge or a refilled print cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer; print cartridge includes both toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

  • Page 61

    FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. To the extent that this Limited Warranty Statement is inconsistent with the law of the locality where the customer uses the HP product, this Limited Warranty Statement shall be deemed modified to be consistent with such local law. Under such local law, certain limitations of this Limited Warranty Statement may not apply to the customer.

  • Page 62: Obtaining Printer Drivers

    HP BBS Library HP's electronic bulletin board library service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for your convenient access to HP printer drivers and support information. In the United States (for the following baud rates: 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400), call (208) 344-1691.

  • Page 63

    Printer drivers and product support information can be obtained through the World-Wide Web as follows: URL ttp:// or, Updated Printer Drivers by Mail HP's Distribution Centers provide printer drivers and printer driver updates. Worldwide Fulfillment Information Driver Languages Distribution...

  • Page 64: Hp Express Exchange Service

    Touch newsletter. HP Customer Return Repair Service If uptime is less critical, the HP Customer Return Repair Service provides maintenance service at the HP Customer Service Center located in Corvallis, Oregon. HP will repair the product within two working days from receipt and return via surface transportation.

  • Page 65

    This service enhancement provides customers with a cost- effective and timely way to achieve quality support. HP SupportPack is sold exclusively through resellers (ordered like any other HP product) and is not available directly from Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 66: Returning A Printer For Service

    Customers can contact Hewlett-Packard directly by calling HP Customer Support Center at (208) 323-2551. They will verify that the printer is in need of repair and transfer the customer to the HP-Corvallis Repair Center. If packaging materials are needed, call the HP Resellers...

  • Page 67

    In-transit damage is not covered by the warranty. It is suggested that shipments are always insured. When either a customer or reseller calls HP to arrange for service, the HP Corvallis Service Center will dispatch a premium carrier to pick up the product at the reseller or customer location.

  • Page 68

    If available for your country and language, phone numbers for HP FIRST and the European Customer Support Center are given in a separate document shipped with the printer. If additional information is needed, customers can call the reseller or the nearest HP Sales and Support Office.

  • Page 69: Elsewhere In The World

    If the customer is unable to determine the cause of the failure, the customer should contact their local reseller or the nearest HP Sales and Support Office for instructions on returning your printer for service and repair.

  • Page 70: Service And Support Resources

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s Service and Support Resources HP Support Assistant (CD-ROM) HP Support Assistant is an on-line tool providing technical information on a variety of Hewlett-Packard computers and peripheral products. This information is contained on a CD-ROM which is updated quarterly and mailed to you as part of the subscription.

  • Page 71

    S e r v i c e a n d S u p p o r t R e s o u r c e s For more information, call 1 (408) 553-7303. HP Distribution Center The HP Distribution Center has current printer drivers for Hewlett-Packard products. Call 1 (303) 339-7009 except Sundays. HP Customer Information Center The HP Customer Information Center provides presales product information.

  • Page 72: Ordering Supplies

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s Ordering Supplies Ordering Supplies Country Austria Australia/New Zealand Belgium/Luxembourg Canada (Except Toronto) Canada (Toronto) Community of Independent Sales Czech Republic...

  • Page 73: Hp Bbs Library

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s HP BBS Library The HP electronic bulletin board library service contains drivers and support information which can be downloaded to your PC via modem.

  • Page 74

    3. Once you receive the HP FIRST index, choose the documents you need. 4. Call HP FIRST again. A voice prompt will ask you for the index number of the documents you have selected and would like to have faxed to you.

  • Page 75

    Switzerland (German) Worldwide HP Audio Tips (U.S. Only) HP Audio Tips is an automated audio (voice) problem-solving tips for your most frequently asked questions. Use the following telephone number: 1 (800) 333-1917 S e r v i c e a n d S u p p o r t R e s o u r c e s...

  • Page 76: Hp Forum On Compuserve

    S e r v i c e a n d S u p p o r t R e s o u r c e s HP Forum on CompuServe The HP Systems Forum on CompuServe is an on-line service accessible via modem. This service provides information about Hewlett-Packard products, and allows you to communicate with other Hewlett-Packard users.

  • Page 77

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s CompuServe Telephone Numbers by Country Table Local Call/ Country Free-Phone Number Argentina Australia (008) 025240...

  • Page 78

    Hewlett-Packard Telephone Support Technical Phone Support for Customers The HP Customer Support Center provides free live technical assistance for peripherals during the hardware warranty of the product. If the product is still under warranty, the customer should call (208) 323-2551. If the product is out of warranty, the customer has two options.

  • Page 79

    Contacting Hewlett-Packard To contact Hewlett-Packard, check your local telephone directory for the HP Sales and Service Office near you. If you cannot find an HP office, contact one of the major HP Sales and Service Offices or one of the following Worldwide Marketing Headquarters.

  • Page 80: Printer Repair Feedback Information

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s P r i n t e r R e p a i r F e e d b a c k I n f o r m a t i o n Printer Repair Feedback Information Procedure for Providing Repair Feedback Information: Make a copy of the HP DeskJet Printer Family Repair Sheet found on the following page. Observe the problem with the printer. Verify the problem is repeatable.

  • Page 81

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s P r i n t e r R e p a i r F e e d b a c k I n f o r m a t i o n HP DeskJet Printer Family Customer Codes (Cont.)

  • Page 82

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s P r i n t e r R e p a i r F e e d b a c k I n f o r m a t i o n HP DeskJet Printer Family Customer Codes (Cont.)

  • Page 83: Printer Information

    H P D e s k J e t a n d D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s P r i n t e r R e p a i r F e e d b a c k I n f o r m a t i o n HP Printer Repair Sheet Note To print this form, select “Print”...

  • Page 84

    MS Windows Printing The HP DeskJet 870C series printer drivers are compatible with MS Windows 3.x and MS Windows 95. Note Only a printer driver containing the designation “870C” should be used with HP DeskJet 870C series printers. Other HP DeskJet or DeskWriter printer drivers should not be used.

  • Page 85

    1. Double-click Main in the Program Manager. 2. Double-click Control Panel. 3. Double-click Printers. The default printer is listed in the text box at the top of the dialog box. To select a different default printer, double-click a printer from the list of installed printers.

  • Page 86

    Because you can connect your printer to any LPT: (parallel) port, it is important to make sure the proper port is selected. The steps below describe how to select or change a printer port from the control panels, MS Windows 3.x or MS Windows 95 Printers control panel.

  • Page 87

    To Select a Printer Port in MS Windows 95: 1. From the Start button on the task bar, select Settings. 2. Select Printers and double-click the HP DeskJet 870C Series printer. 3. Select Printer 4. Select Properties 5. Select Details 6.

  • Page 88

    MS Windows Printer Software The HP DeskJet 870C printer software for MS Windows includes: HP DeskJet 870C series printer driver HP DeskJet 870C Toolbox How do I? (on-screen procedures to help user’s use and maintain their printers) Troubleshooting Printer Services (Maintenance and Status)

  • Page 89: Installing The Printer Driver

    Installing the Printer Driver The minimum system requirements to run the HP Printing System for MS Windows are: MS Windows 3.x An 80386 processor 2 MB of RAM to print in black or 4 MB of RAM to print in color...

  • Page 90

    1. Insert Installation Disk 1 into your computer’s disk drive. 2. From the Start button on the task bar, select Settings. 3. Select Printers. 4. When the Printers dialog box opens, double-click on the Add Printer icon. 5. Follow the instructions when the Add Printer Wizard opens.

  • Page 91: Aligning The Print Cartridges

    1. Select Start from the task bar 2. Select Programs 3. Select HP DeskJet Utilities 4. Select HP DeskJet 870C Toolbox 5. Double-click the HP DeskJet 870C Toolbox icon 6. Select Printer Services 7. Select Align the Print Cartridges and follow the instructions.

  • Page 92: About The Printer Driver

    Paper Size Two-sided printing Number of Copies Ordered printing Print iron-on transfers or flip a document Portrait or Landscape print orientation Connect printer to a network For detailed help, click the Help button in the HP DeskJet print settings dialog box.

  • Page 93: Using The Printer Driver

    1. Double-click Main in the Program Manager window. 2. Double-click Control Panel. 3. Double-click Printers. 4. Select the HP DeskJet 870C printer in the Installed Printers list and click the Setup button. From MS Windows 95: 1. From Start, select Settings.

  • Page 94

    The dialog box has five tabs; General, Details, Setup, Paper, and Services which are described below. The General and Details tabs are provided by MS Windows, the Setup, Paper and Services tabs are provided by the HP DeskJet 870C series printer driver.

  • Page 95

    General Property Page (MS Windows) General Property Page Options (MS Windows) Option Description Comment Allows you to include special printing instructions, etc. Next time you print the document, these instructions will be found in this box. Separator page Allows you to insert a separator page file between print jobs. Browse allows you to locate and specify the separator page to be printed.

  • Page 96

    Time-out Settings Not Selected: sets the time Windows waits before sending an error message that your printer is off or off line after you send a print job. Transmission Retry: sets the time Windows waits for your printer if your printer is on line but engaged.

  • Page 97

    ICM (Independent Improves consistency between the printer and other color devices Color Matching) connected to your system. Default Saves the current settings as the default settings for the printer. Help Opens the on-line help. Accepts changes. Cancel Cancel changes.

  • Page 98

    ColorSmart: Automatic vs. Manual Printing In most cases the best print output is obtained by choosing Automatic ColorSmart printing. In automatic mode, the printer driver analyzes each element in a document to provide the best color output. If the color output obtained using the Automatic ColorSmart option is not satisfactory, use the Manual option.

  • Page 99: Grayscale Printing

    Grayscale Printing ColorSmart also allows printing color documents in monochrome with discernible shades of gray. Pages with grayscale images can be photocopied or faxed on a monochrome device and retain their full meaning and impact. Grayscale printing is also faster than color printing and is ideal for printing draft copies.

  • Page 100

    Manual Grayscale Options Dialog Box...

  • Page 101

    Custom. Paper Type: Allows you to t ell the printer the type of paper upon which you are about to print. (Lets the printer decide which settings to use to give you the best results.) Cut-Sheet: Allows the use of cut-sheet paper, or, Banner: Allows the use of continuous-feed (Z-fold) banner paper.

  • Page 102

    Generally, specify the number of copies required from within your application.) Default Saves the current settings as the default settings for the printer. Help Opens the on-line HP DeskJet 820 Help. Accepts changes. Cancel Cancel changes. Apply Applies the settings only to document to be printed.

  • Page 103

    Two-Sided Printing (Manual Duplex) The printer driver can be set to print both sides of plain paper to economize and help conserve resources. Note Two-sided printing is available for all sizes of paper. However, you cannot use two-sided printing on envelopes, transparencies, labels, glossy paper, or premium paper.

  • Page 104: Services Page

    Test printer This procedure test the communication between the computer and the communication printer. This test takes up to 3 minutes. An on-screen message appears giving status information. No printout is involved. Default Saves the current settings as the default for the printer.

  • Page 105: Optimizing Performance

    Optimizing Performance The print speed and overall performance of the HP DeskJet 870C printer can be affected by several things: The amount of RAM can determine how fast documents are sent to the printer. Increasing RAM can speed up this process as well as make the computer work more efficiently at other things beside printing.

  • Page 106

    Cleaning and Aligning Print Cartridges These functions are available from the Services Page (see above) and from within the HP DeskJet 870C Toolbox.

  • Page 107: Dos Printing

    DOS printer driver for a particular DOS application is supplied by the software manufacturer. If there is no driver available for your HP DeskJet 870C printer, use a driver for a different HP DeskJet printer. In some cases, the substitute driver will not provide access to all of the HP DeskJet 870C printer’s...

  • Page 108

    HP DeskJet 870C Control Panel for DOS The HP DeskJet 870C Control Panel for DOS is software that replaces the front panel switches found on older printers. The Control Panel for DOS does not replace printer drivers; it must be used along with DOS software printer drivers.

  • Page 109

    Control Panel. 2. Select Align Print Cartridges and follow the on-screen instructions. Two Ways to Use the HP Control Panel for DOS The DOS Control Panel can run either as a stand-alone application or as a memory resident application. To run the DOS Control Panel as a stand- alone application: type DJCP at the DOS prompt.

  • Page 110

    To set up the HP Control Panel for DOS as a memory resident application: 1. Type DJCP at the DOS prompt to open the stand-alone DOS Control Panel. 2. Select More Settings. 3. Select Memory Resident Functions. 4. Select Make Memory Resident.

  • Page 111

    Memory Resident DOS Control Panel Whether stand-alone or memory resident, the DOS Control Panel allows the user to control or view the following: Pen Services (clean, prime, and align the pens) Print Quality Page Orientation Font Width (normal or compressed) Status Reports (limited in the resident Control Panel for DOS) Context-Sensitive Help In addition to these, the stand-alone DOS Control Panel provides...

  • Page 112: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problems with the DOS Control Panel Problem Installation was unsuccessful C a u s e Solution Disk error Bad floppy disk Reinstall Control Panel Contact authorized HP dealer...

  • Page 113

    OS/2 The HP ColorSmart printer driver for the HP DeskJet 870C printer can be accessed through OS/2 by using MS Windows in OS/2.

  • Page 114: Macintosh Printing

    Macintosh Printing The HP DeskJet 870C printer comes with a Macintosh Driver Installation Disk which contains the printer driver. Before the printer can print, the software that enables the computer to communicate with the printer must be installed. Look at the system requirements shown below to determine your system’s compatibility with the printer driver.

  • Page 115: What About Quickdraw Gx

    6. You may also wish to install the TrueType fonts at this time (see “Font Information” below). 7. You must select the HP DeskJet 870C printer in your Chooser before you can start printing. 8. After you have finished the printer driver installation, align the print...

  • Page 116: Font Information

    3. Follow the instructions on the screen. 4. After the installation is complete, restart your computer. PostScript Compatibility PostScript fonts are compatible with the HP DeskJet 870C printer. Creating high-quality output using Type 1 fonts requires Adobe Type Manager (ATM).

  • Page 117

    To delete unneeded font folders: 1. Open the System Folder. 2. Open the Preferences Folder. 3. If you see a DeskWriter Fonts Folder or an HP Fonts Folder drag it to the trash. 4. Choose Empty Trash from the Special menu.

  • Page 118: Choosing A Printer

    5. Close the Extensions Folder and the System Folder. Choosing a Printer Before printing, you must choose the HP DeskJet 870C as the printer you wish to use, even if it’s the only printer connected to your computer. To do this, select Chooser from the Apple menu.

  • Page 119: Sharing Printers

    You can place an icon representing the printer on your desktop. Desktop printer icons are necessary in order to share printers with other network users. It is also a convenient way to use a printer no matter where it is physically located.

  • Page 120

    About the Printer Driver The print driver software communicates the printer’s features and design to your computer. The HP ColorSmart technology within the HP printer driver analyzes your documents for the best quality printout every time you print. ColorSmart identifies each element on a page - text, graphics, photographs - and automatically applies the appropriate colors and ink amounts to each of them.

  • Page 121

    Languages Supported The QuickDraw and QuickDraw GX Printer Drivers Support: English Italian Dutch French Spanish Swedish German Portuguese Japanese...

  • Page 122: Page Setup

    Using the Printer Driver The printer driver provides dialog boxes for communicating specific printing instructions to the printer. Select the general print settings, such as the paper size and type, and the page orientation from within a software application by choosing Page Setup from the File menu.

  • Page 123: Page Setup Options

    {Current Program} Help Default... Apply Size and Orientation The pop-up menu displays selections supported by the printer. The media may be either plain paper or one of HP’s special media types. Portrait or landscape. Valid range: 25% – 400%. Allows the printout to be reversed horizontally.

  • Page 124: Printing Documents

    The printing specifications for each document are used when that document is printed. However, the printer does not notify you if the documents require different sizes or types of paper. Choose Print from the File menu to see the Print Dialog box.

  • Page 125: The Print Dialog Box

    This provides documents in the correct order when printing is complete Display a preview of the printer output. Provides access to the ColorSmart Options dialog. Opens the HP DeskJet 870C on-screen help.

  • Page 126

    Print Options (Cont.) HP DeskJet 870C Print Options Print... This heading contains two pull-down menus which allow you to: Range... {Current Program} Help Print Selection Only Select printable Document (see below) items: Summary Info Annotations Styles AutoText Entries Key Assignments...

  • Page 127: Printing In Color

    The quality of the color printing depends partly on how the four inks - black, cyan, yellow, and magenta - are placed on the printed page. HP’s ColorSmart technology enables the printer to intelligently analyze documents at the time of printing to provide the best color output.

  • Page 128: Options Dialog Box

    To open the ColorSmart dialog: 1. Choose Page Setup from the File menu. 2. Click Options. Options Dialog Box ColorSmart Options HP DeskJet 870C ColorSmart Options Intensity: Used to compensate for environmental and media variations by adjusting the amount of ink used. Users...

  • Page 129: Background Printing

    Remove a file from the print queue. Establish preferences for the level of notification used when the printer needs attention. You cannot directly print a file from the HP PrintMonitor. The Note HP PrintMonitor prints in the background until the PrintMonitor Documents folder is empty.

  • Page 130

    Once the HP PrintMonitor is displayed, change the settings by choosing Preferences from the File menu. By default, the HP PrintMonitor is not displayed during Note printing. To automatically display the HP PrintMonitor during printing change the settings in the Preferences dialog box.

  • Page 131

    Optimizing Performance The printer driver is designed to deliver the best possible performance. However, printer output speed can be affected by the amount of available system memory (RAM) and the amount of available disk space. The following list provides ideas on how to enhance the printer’s performance: Increase the amount of RAM in your computer.

  • Page 132

    Cleaning The HP DeskJet 870C printer provides multiple levels of maintenance for cleaning the printer cartridge. Clean, also referred to as “Surface Clean” Standard Clean Prime Click Start to initiate the Clean process, then click Clean to initiate the clean cycle. A test page prints after the cycle finishes.

  • Page 133: Problems And Solutions

    Troubleshooting HP periodically provides updates of the printer software. These updates may include enhancements that improve printer performance. Problems and Solutions Problem Printer won’t print. Printer icon does not appear on the left side of the Chooser. The printer name does not...

  • Page 134: The Printing System

    Many printer problems and their solutions are reported in error messages that appear on the computer’s screen. When one of these messages is received, follow the instructions given. Check the HP DeskJet Status Monitor (MS Windows users) or the Print Monitor (Macintosh) for information on the current status of the printer.

  • Page 135: Troubleshooting Hints

    3. Wrong interface connection. For example, the printer is connected to the serial port (e.g. COM1) rather than a parallel interface port. 1. Verify the host is operating correctly by printing to another printer.

  • Page 136

    Stay Resident) software programs that are open and running in the background. Restart your computer. 4. It may be necessary to reinstall the printer driver software using the instructions from the setup card. 5. Your software program is not set up for the printer.

  • Page 137

    2. If the Power light comes on and the Form Feed light remain off, print a sample page. 3. If the sample page prints, the printer is not the problem. 4. Reconnect the printer cable and re-send the file.

  • Page 138

    Verify that the print settings are appropriate for the media selected. Make sure the correct print settings are selected in the printer driver. (The printer driver settings should appear in the Installed Printers dialog box.)

  • Page 139: Troubleshooting Tools

    Used for all cleaning purposes requiring water. HP Toolbox (MS Windows Users) HP Toolbox helps you diagnose and solve common printing problems. To access HP Toolbox, double-click the Toolbox icon in the HP DeskJet Utilities program group. Then follow the symptoms and solutions that apply.

  • Page 140: Troubleshooting Flowcharts

    T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g F l o w c h a r t s Power-O n Sect ion 1. Verify the power module is plugged into a powered AC receptacle. 2. Verify the power module is plugged into the printer. 3. Check the power module with another printer. 4. Unplug the interface cable.

  • Page 141: Troubleshooting Flowcharts - Self-test Section

    T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g F l o w c h a r t s Self-Test Sect ion See Printer Diagnostic Information/Error Light Control panel Indications. See "CSP205" and “CSP215 customer codes.

  • Page 142: Troubleshooting Flowcharts - Pc Connect Section

    T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g F l o w c h a r t s 1. Reconnect the interface cable. 2. Try another interface cable. 3. Verify the printer and computer are properly configured. 4. Try the printer with another computer. Print ASCII text?

  • Page 143

    Troubleshooting Flowcharts - Macintosh Connect Section Macint osh Connect Sect ion From the Self-Test Section 1. Verify the correct printer is selected in the Chooser (AppleTalk or Serial). Prints from a 2. If AppleTalk, verify that AppleTalk is active in the Chooser. Macintosh Computer? 3.

  • Page 144: Macintosh Troubleshooting

    P r i n t i n g S y s t e m T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g MacIntosh Troubleshooting Note HP periodically provides updates of the printer software. These updates may include enhancements that improve printer performance.

  • Page 145

    HP IEEE-1284 C2951A Compliant Cable Interface Specifications HP DeskJet printers communicate with computers through a single IEEE1284-B parallel I/O interface connector. For more information about interface connection and operation, see “DOS I/O Interface Description.” Communication Modes and Supported Protocols Category...

  • Page 146

    P r i n t e r I n t e r f a c e I n f o r m a t i o n IEEE-1284 Interface Connector 18 17 16 15 14 IEEE-1284 Interface Port (DOS/MS Windows) P i n Number Sour c e...

  • Page 147

    P r i n t e r I n t e r f a c e I n f o r m a t i o n IEEE-1284 Interface Port (DOS/MS Windows) (Cont.) P i n Compatibility Number Sou r ce Mode Peripheral Host...

  • Page 148

    HP DeskJet printer drivers meet the IEEE 1284-B standard for Level 1 devices. Input receivers meet the standard for Level 2 devices. This allows HP DeskJet printers to be connected to either a Level 1 or Level 2 host. Level 1 devices drive the interface with 5 V TTL circuits. Their requirements are consistent with pre-existing installed devices and they can operate with any other Level 1 compliant device.

  • Page 149

    Nibble Mode Nibble mode is a unidirectional mode of operation in which data moves from the printer to the host computer. HP DeskJet printers and most computer hosts can operate in nibble mode. Hosts can switch back and forth between compatibility and nibble modes, thus establishing limited two-way (bi-directional) communication.

  • Page 150

    RS-422-A High-Speed Clocked Serial Interface Specifications HP DeskWriter printers have an 8-pin mini-DIN interface connector port. This connector port is compatible with RS-422-A serial, AppleTalk, and high-speed externally-clocked serial mode communication. The printer automatically determines if it is connected to an AppleTalk network or directly to a Macintosh printer port.

  • Page 151

    TxD+ RxD+ Note HP DeskWriter printer interface ports conform to RS-422 and cannot be configured to operate as RS-232-C. H P D e s k W r i t e r P r i n t e r s Interface Pine Description...

  • Page 152

    P r i n t e r I n t e r f a c e I n f o r m a t i o n Mac I/O Description HP DeskWriter printers detect and monitor which interface mode (serial or LocalTalk) is present, and automatically switch to the appropriate protocol.

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