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HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet M3027 Getting Started Manual Page 29

Hp laserjet,color laserjet m3027: quick start.
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Fax icon appears gray
No fax icon on the control-panel display
Fax confi gured but not sending fax
Fax confi gured, but having diffi culty
connecting or completing the fax call
(fax line quality).
Fax confi gured but not receiving fax
Digital sending tab in the embedded
Web server (EWS) does not appear
Email Gateway Not Responding appears
on the control-panel display when
attempting to send an e-mail
The "from" address cannot be changed
in Send to Email
You want to scan and send-to-email in
black and white TIFF format
You want to change the fi le type or the
color setting for e-mail attachments
A "job failed" message is received when
a document is scanned and sent to
All symptoms
Touch Administration, touch Initial Setup, and touch Fax Setup.
Touch Required Settings and enter the location, date/time, and
fax header information to make sure that the fax is confi gured
Print a confi guration page and check the modem status on the
fax accessory page. If "Operational/Enabled" is not listed, it
might be disabled or there might be a problem with the fax
hardware. See the HP LaserJet Fax Accessory 300 User Guide
for more information.
Make sure to use the phone cord that came with the device.
Make sure that the the phone cord is connected securely to
the device and to an active telephone port.
Hint: Use a telephone to verify that the port is active.
Make sure that the fax is connected to a dedicated analog
telephone line.
Try setting the baud rate to 9600 and retry the call.
Try turning JBIG off.
Make sure that a line splitter or surge-protection device is
not being used.
Make sure that voice mail or an answering machine is not
receiving the incoming fax before the device. Remove these,
or set the device rings-to-answer to a lower number.
Make sure that a roll-over line is not being used, and that
the fax is connected to a dedicated analog telephone line.
An administrative password might be confi gured. Select Log On
in the upper right corner of the EWS.
The SMTP gateway address might be incorrect. Contact your
IT administrator to obtain the correct address.
If you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for e-mail,
contact your ISP provider the hostname of your SMTP
gateway (request the fully qualifi ed domain name (FQDN),
not the IP address).
Make sure that the entered SMTP authentication user name
and password are correct. Note: Not all SMTP gateways
require a user name and password.
The "Prevent Device User from changing the e-mail
address" feature in the EWS might be selected, or "Device
Authentication" is enabled.
Use the EWS to change the default image fi le format by
selecting Digital Sending, Send to Email, and Advanced.
On the control-panel e-mail feature, select More Options to
change the image fi le format before sending the e-mail.
Send a test e-mail to make sure that the e-mail address is
Make sure that the scanned document does not exceed your
SMTP gateway's maximum allowable attachment size. If it
does, use the EWS to change the size by selecting Digital
Sending and Send to Email.
See the user guide on the CD for more information.


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