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Care And Cleaning; Auto Cle An ® System - Black & Decker Select-A-Size Easy Dial CM4200 Series Manual

Programmable coffemaker


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To cancel this function, press the BREW NOW button. The words BREW
LATER will go off from the digital display and the unit will begin to brew.


This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified
service personnel.
• Be sure the unit is unplugged and has cooled.
• Open the cover.
• To remove the filter basket, grip the handles and lift straight up. Discard the
paper filter if used, and the coffee grounds.
• Wash the filter basket and carafe in the top rack of the dishwasher or wash
by hand with hot water and dish soap.
• Wipe the appliance's exterior surface, control panel and carafe plate with
a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. Never
immerse the coffeemaker in water.
• To clean the inside of the cover, open the cover and leave in the open
position. Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth.
De-scaling With Auto Clean™
Over time, calcium deposits or "scale" may build up in your brewer. Scale
is non-toxic but if scale is not cleaned regularly, your machine may not
brew properly or even permanently cease to function. Regularly de-scaling
your brewer helps to maintain quality coffee as well as the lifespan of the
heating element, and other internal parts that come in contact with water
throughout the brew process.
To make the de-scaling process as effortless as possible, an Auto Clean™
system has been programmed into your coffeemaker.
When should I use Auto Clean™?
After every 60 brews, the word "CLEAN" will be displayed and blink. This
notifies you it is time to run the Auto Clean™ system. "CLEAN" will be
displayed until you run the Auto Clean™ system. If you would like to clean
your coffeemaker prior to 60 brew cycles, you may do so by following the
steps below.
How do I use Auto Clean™?
Follow the simple steps below. Your coffeemaker will take care of the rest.
In the carafe combine by filling to the
adding to the
Pour into water reservoir.
Place an 8 to 12 cup basket style paper filter in the filter basket. Place
basket into filter basket holder. Close filter basket cover.
icon with cold water.
icon with white vinegar, then



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