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Induction Surface Cooking - Frigidaire FGIC3666TB Use & Care Manual

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Use the Correct Cookware Type
For the induction zones, the magnetic Cooking Zone
sensors located below the cooktop surface require the use
of cookware made with magnetic material in order to start
the heating process on any of the Cooking Zones.
When purchasing pans, look for cookware specifi cally
identifi ed by the manufacturer for use with Induction
cooktops. If you are not sure, use a magnet to test whether
the cookware type will work. If a magnet sticks to the
bottom of the cookware, the material type is correct for
Induction cooking (See Fig. 1).
It is recommended to always use heavier high quality
stainless steel cookware on your Induction Cooktop
surface. This will greatly reduce the possibility of developing
scratches on the ceramic surface.
Even quality cookware can scratch the cooktop surface,
especially if cookware is slid over the ceramic cooktop
surface without being lifted up. Over time sliding ANY type
of cookware over the ceramic cooktop will likely alter the
overall appearance of the cooktop. Eventually the buildup
of scratches will make cleaning the surface diffi cult and
degrade the overall appearance of the cooktop.
Operational Noise
The electronic processes involved with Induction Cooking
create some unusual background noises. These noises
are normal and part of the Induction Cooking process.
Please note that these noises are more noticeable while
cooking at the Power BOOST level. Very loud noises are
not part of normal Induction Cooking.
Fig. 1


Use the Correct Cookware Size
The Cooking Zones available on the Induction Cooktop
require a MINIMUM pan size to be used at each location.
The inner ring of each Cooking Zone is your guide to the
correct MINIMUM pan size. The pan bottom must FULLY
cover the inner ring for proper cooking to occur.
The thicker outer ring at each Cooking Zone is helpful to
determine the pan MAXIMUM size. After centering the
cookware on the cooktop, make sure the cookware does
not extend more than 1/2" beyond the thicker line on the
Cooking Zone. The pan must make FULL contact on the
glass surface without the bottom of the pan touching the
metal cooktop trims.
bottom should
not exceed 1/2"
(13mm) from
outer Cooking
Zone (Induction)
If a pan made of the correct material is centered properly
on any of the active Cooking Zones but is TOO SMALL,
the power level will fl ash in the in the digital display and
the pan will not heat. After 3 minutes, an "Er" error code
will be displayed until the controls are set to OFF.


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