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Solutions To Common Problems - Electrolux EI24ID81SS0A Use And Care Manual


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Solutions to Common Problems

A dishwasher left in an unheated place should be
protected from freezing. Have a qualifi ed person
do the following.
To Disconnect Service:
1. Turn off electrical power to the dishwasher
at the supply source by removing fuses or
tripping circuit breaker.
2. Shut off water supply.
3. Place a pan under the inlet valve. Disconnect
water line from the inlet valve and drain into
4. Disconnect drain line from pump and drain
water into pan
To Restore Service:
1. Reconnect the water, drain, and electrical
power supply.
2. Turn on water and electrical power supply
3. Fill detergent cup and run the dishwasher
through HEAVY WASH cycle.
4. Check connections to make sure they do not
Freezing temperatures may cause water lines to
rupture. Be sure all supply lines to and circulating
lines within your dishwasher are protected.
Failure to do so could result in property damage.
See Installation Instructions for more details.
To achieve the best results from your dishwasher,
visit for general tips
regarding the performance and operation of your
Before calling for service, review this list. If
may save you both time and expense. This list
includes common experiences that are not the
result of defective workmanship or material in
your dishwasher.
Food Soils Left on Dishes
Choose another cycle for longer washing time.
Choose the Hi-Temp Wash option.
Check rack loading section for proper loading-
avoid nesting items.
Home water pressure may be too low-should
be 20 to 120 pounds per square inch (psi).
Check incoming water temperature. It should
be about 120
F (49
C). (See Factors Affecting
Check water hardness. For extremely hard
water, it may be necessary to install a water
softener. (See Detergent Chart).
Use Fresh Detergent.
Make sure items are not blocking the spray
arms, preventing them from rotating.
Dishes not Dry
Select heat dry option.
Make sure the rinse aid dispenser is fi lled.
Increase the discharge setting of rinse aid.
(See Rinse Aid).
Check the incoming water temperature. Be
sure it is at least 120
Check for proper loading-avoid nesting items.
Plastic items may need to be towel dried.
Cups with a concave bottom will collect water.
Load them at the far left of the upper rack so
they will be held in a tilted position.
F (49


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