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Troubleshooting - Kenwood kMix KMX60 Series Instructions Manual

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to fit and use your splashguard
1 Raise the mixer head until it locks.
2 Fit the bowl onto the base.
3 Push the splashguard onto the underside of the mixer head
until fully located. The hinged section should be positioned as shown.
4 Insert required tool.
5 Lower the mixer head.
During mixing, ingredients can be added directly to the bowl via
the hinged section of the splashguard
You do not need to remove the splashguard to change tools.
6 Remove the splashguard by raising the mixer head and sliding it


The whisk or K beater knocks against the bottom of the bowl or
isn't reaching the ingredients in the bottom of the bowl.
Adjust the height using the spanner provided. Here's how:
1 Unplug the appliance.
2 Raise the mixer head and insert the whisk or beater.
3 Lower the mixer head. If the clearance needs to be adjusted,
raise the mixer head and remove the tool. Ideally the whisk and
K beater should be almost touching the bottom of the bowl
4 Using the spanner provided loosen the nut sufficiently to allow
adjustment of the shaft
of the bowl, turn the shaft anti-clockwise. To raise the tool
away from the bottom of the bowl turn the shaft clockwise.
5 Re-tighten the nut.
6 Fit the tool to the mixer and lower the mixer head. (Check its
position see points above).
7 Repeat the above steps as necessary until the tool is set correctly.
Once this is acheived tighten the nut securely.
dough hook - this tool is set at the factory and should require
no adjustment.
The mixer stops during operation.
If for any reason power to the mixer is interrrupted and the
machine stops working, turn the speed switch to the off position,
wait a few seconds and then re-select the speed. The mixer
should resume operating straight away.
. To lower the tool closer to the bottom


Table of Contents

Table of Contents