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Freezer Compartment Temperature Adjustment - Electrolux END4802X Instruction Booklet

No-frost refrigerator


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Freezer compartment temperature adjustment

• Press "Function" button.
• With each pressing on this button, in rows refrigerator compartment model (to adjust
freezer temperature), then refrigerator compartment model (to adjust refrigerator
temperature), real time clock, ambient temperature will light 5. push of FUNCTION
button will be empty but empty area will show alarm symbol in alarm position.
• Freezer temp adjusting can be done by selecting freezer compartment then pushing
function button then pushing + / - buttons.
• You can adjust the freezer temperature by pushing "+" button to increase.
• You can adjust the freezer temperature by pushing "-" button to decrease.
• When you are adjusting the temperature of freezer, you can waits 2 sec or push "Ok"
button for confirmation.
• The temperature value of freezer compartment will be seen at the right side of the
• If you push "Mode" button during manual temp, adjusting, first mode symbol will light
and manual temp, adjusting will be cancelled.
• If appliance was set to holiday, super freeze, super cool, economy mode (symbol
was lighting) before temp adjusting, appliance will go on to work in previous mode.
W hen previous mode is cancelled / finished manually or automatically appliance
will start to work in adjusted values.
Recommended Settings For Freezer Compartment Temperature
When will settle
For little am ount stocking
Norm al stocking
For lots of food stocking
Freezer Cabinet Inside Temperature
-16C° or -17C°
-18C°, -19C°, -20C° or -21C°
-22C°, -23C° or -24C°
UK - 12 -


Table of Contents

Table of Contents