ZyXEL Communications Prestige 650R-31/33 User Manual: Multiplexing; Vc-based Multiplexing; Llc-based Multiplexing

Zyxel adsl router user's guide.
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Prestige 650R-31/33 ADSL Router
IP Policies Create policies using SMT menu 25 (see the IP Policy Routing
Edit IP Alias The Prestige supports three logical LAN interfaces via its single
When you have completed this menu, press [
your configuration, or press [
Be sure to use the correct Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) and Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) numbers
supplied by your telephone company. The valid range for the VPI is 0 to 255 and for the VCI is 32 to
65535 (0 to 31 is reserved for local management of ATM traffic). Please see the Appendices for more

3.10 Multiplexing

There are two conventions to identify what protocols the virtual circuit (VC) is carrying. Be sure to use the
multiplexing method required by your ISP.
3.10.1 VC-based Multiplexing
In this case, by prior mutual agreement, each protocol is assigned to a specific virtual circuit, for example,
VC1 carries IP, etc. VC-based multiplexing may be dominant in environments where dynamic creation of
large numbers of ATM VCs is fast and economical.
3.10.2 LLC-based Multiplexing
In this case one VC carries multiple protocols with protocol identifying information being contained in each
packet header. Despite the extra bandwidth and processing overhead, this method may be advantageous if it
Table 3-3 TCP/IP Ethernet Setup Menu Fields
supports both IGMP version 1 (IGMP-v1) and version 2 (IGMP-v2).
Press the [
to disable it.
chapter) and apply them on the Prestige LAN interface here. You
can apply up to four IP Policy sets (from twelve) by entering their
numbers separated by commas.
physical Ethernet interface with the Prestige itself as the gateway for
each LAN network. Press [
press [
] to for menu 3.2.1
] at any time to cancel.
to enable IP Multicasting or select None
] to change No to Yes and
] at the prompt "Press ENTER to Confirm..." to save
Internet Access

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