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Use Of The Freezer Compartment - Electrolux EUF23391X User Manual


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Drinks Chill Function
The Drinks Chill function is to be used
as a safety warning when placing
buttles in the freezer compartment. It is
activated by pressing key D (several
times if necessary) until the
corresponding icon appears
You must confirm the choice by
pressing key E within few seconds.You
will hear the buzzer and the icon
remains lighted.
In this condition it operates a timer
with a default value of 30 min and it
could change from 1 to 90 min, by
pressing key B you select the minutes
At the end of the selected time there
are the following indications:
• on the indicator
flashing ;
• the icon
flashing ;
• the icon
• sounding of an acoustic alarm until
key E is pressed.
At this point bear in mind to remove
the drinks contained in the freezer
It is possible to de-activate the function
at any time by pressing key D until the
corresponding icon will flash and then
key E.
the symbol
Use of the freezer
The f f reezer i i s p p rovided w w ith t t he s s ymbol
which m m eans t t hat i i t i i s
suitable f f or f f reezing f f resh f f ood
and f f or l l ong t t erm s s torage o o f f f rozen
and d d eep-f f rozen f f ood.
The temperature may be regulated
between -15°C and -24°C.
We suggest setting the internal
temperature of approximately -18°C,
which guarantees proper freezing and
conservation of the frozen foods.
During the stability period by the first
starting the temperature displayed can
not correspond to the setting
temperature. During this time it is
possible that the temperature
displayed is different than the setting
Difference between the temperature
displayed and temperature setting is
normal. Especially when:
• a new setting has recently been
• the door has been left open for a
long time
• warm food has been placed in the
Difference until 5°C inside the
compartment are quite normal.
During normal functioning the indicator
shows the warmest temperature inside
the compartment.
electrolux 35



Table of Contents

Table of Contents