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Panasonic PT-AE100U Operating Instructions Manual: Setting The Aspect

Lcd home cinema projector pt-ae100u operating manual.
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Setting the ASPECT

This projector allows you to change the aspect ratio to match the type of
input signal. Pressing the ASPECT button will change the aspect ratio
according to the successive settings shown below.
(You can also change the aspect ratio by selecting the POSITION item in the
MAIN MENU and pressing ENTER.)
4:3\16:9\V SCROLL
Illustrations for aspect ratio settings are shown on the next page. Refer to
this illustration for assistance in selecting a suitable aspect ratio.
About S2 and S1 video signals:
B S2 and S1 video signals are for 16:9 images and include a notification
signal when being played by devices such as a DVD player.
B When the projector is set to the "S1/S2" setting shown above, it will detect
those notification signals and automatically switch to the correct aspect
ratio for projection.
B This projector is equipped with an aspect ratio selection function.
However, if a mode which does not match the aspect ratio of the input
signal is selected, it may affect the quality of viewing of the original picture.
Keep this in mind when selecting the aspect ratio.
B If using this projector in places such as cafes or hotels with the aim of
displaying programs for viewing for a commercial purpose or for public
presentation, note that if the aspect ratio (16:9) selection function is used
to change the aspect ratio of the screen picture, you may be infringing the
rights of the original copyright owner for that program under copyright
protection laws.
B If a normal (4:3) picture which was not originally intended for wide-screen
viewing is projected onto a wide screen, distortion may occur around the
edges of the picture so that part of the picture is no longer visible. Such
programs should be viewed in 4:3 mode to give proper consideration to
the aims and intentions of the original program's creator.
B The following signals have resolutions that are 16:9 image sizes. The
aspect ratios for these signals cannot be changed while being played
because they are already established. (Refer to page 49.)
HDTV60(1080i/60), HDTV50(1080i/50), 750p(720p),
WIDE 400/480/600/720/768
B Image sizes such as Cinema-Vision that project wider than the 16:9 ratio
will have narrow black fields at the top and bottom.
Input signal
4:3 Input signal
Squeezed signal (image
contracted horizontally)
4:3 Input signal
Letterbox signal
4:3 Input signal
Projected Image
Horizontal expansion of
projected image
Horizontal expansion of projected image
(Center of image is less distorted)
Expansion preserves
original ratio
Enlarges image approximately
1.2 times (Vertical position can
be adjusted by the G and F


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