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Standard Features - Toshiba Dura-Bull TX Brochure & Specs

Medium voltage motors
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Standard Features

• 5009, 5010, 5011 Multi-Mount for Easy Replacement of Existing 5000 Frame Motors
• 5809, 5810, 5811 Multi-Mount for Easy Replacement of Existing 5800 Frame Motors
• Side-Ventilated Cast Iron Fan Covers to Allow Installation in Tight Spots Where Traditional
End-Ventilation May Restrict Cooling
• Low Temperature, Low Vibration Design
• Oversized Cast Iron Main Terminal Box with F1, F2, or Top-Mount Capability
• Multi-Functional Cast Iron Auxiliary Terminal Box Configuration
• Provision for Vibration Pads and Four-Position Air Gap Measurement Holes as Standard
• Advanced Insulation System for VFD Applications
• API 541 4th Edition Capability (Optional)
• Oversized, Same Diameter Bearings on Both Ends for Extended Life
• Vertical Jacking Screws and Four-Position Dowel Holes for Easy Alignment
Cast Lifting Eyes
on Frame and Fan
Cover Ensure No
Loose Eye Bolts
and No Water
Gets in Threads
Heavy Duty Cast
Iron or Fabricated
Steel Fan Cover
Bolt Provision for
Motor Covers or
Large Terminal Box
Capability for
Replacement -
5009, 5010, 5011,
5809, 5810, 5811
with Same BA



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