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Connect To The Tv; Set Up A Digital Tuner With This Antenna - Philips SDV8622T/27 User Manual

Philips digital tv antenna sdv8622t indoor/outdoor 18 db amplified
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Connect to the TV

As previously noted, the amplifier (Power
inserter + Power supply) must be placed in-
line between the antenna and any splitter or
additional devices.
Connect the coaxial cable
antenna to the connector labeled ANT
on the power inserter .
Connect the power inserter
antenna input on the TV, digital set-top
box, splitter or other devices.
Connect the power supply plug
the power inserter , and then plug the
power supply adaptor
AC receptacle.
from the
to the
into a 100-240V
The power inserter and power supply are for
indoor use only.
This antenna includes a 19.7ft roll of 3C-2V
coaxial cable. If this is not adequate for your
needs, replace the cable with a RG-6 coaxial
cable instead of adding an extension.
Set up a digital tuner with this
You can install available channels with the digital
TV tuner. This automatic process is part of the
setup of the tuner. Ensure the antenna has
set up properly before the tuner can receive
viewable channels.
There are two ways to connect the antenna to
the TV:
Connect the antenna to a digital tuner.
If the signal strength is good enough, the
channels can be memorized in the tuner
automatically .
Connect the antenna directly to the TV.
Tune to the analogue channels and find
the best antenna location. Then re-
connect the antenna to the digital tuner.
Ensure the signal strength is good enough
before you install the channels with the



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