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Get Started; Connect The Base Station; Install The Handset - Philips SE1701B/51 User Manual

Philips perfect sound cordless phone se1701b 1000 series black
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3 Get started

Ensure you have read the safety instructions in
the "Important" section before you connect
and install your handset.

Connect the base station

Risk of product damage! Ensure that the
power supply voltage corresponds to the
voltage printed on the back or the underside
of the phone.
Use only the supplied power adapter to charge
the batteries.
If you subscribe to the digital subscriber line
(DSL) high speed internet service through
your telephone line, ensure you install a DSL
filter between the telephone line cord and
the power socket.. The filter prevents noise
and caller ID problems caused by the DSL
interference. For more information on the DSL
filters, contact your DSL service provider.
The type plate is located on the bottom of the
base station.
Connect each end of the power adapter
the DC input jack at the bottom of the
base station;
the power socket on the wall.
Connect each end of the power adapter
to (for multi handset packs):
the DC input jack at the bottom of the
extra handset charger.
the power socket on the wall.
Connect each end of the line cord to:
the telephone socket at the bottom of
the base station;
the telephone socket on the wall.

Install the handset

Risk of explosion! Keep batteries away from
heat, sunshine or fire. Never discard batteries
in fire.
Use only the supplied batteries.
Risk of decreased battery life! Never mix
different brands or types of batteries.
Charge the batteries for 16 hours before first
Check the battery polarity when inserting in
the battery compartment. Incorrect polarity
may damage the product.
a The batteries are pre-installed in the
handset. Pull the battery tape off from
the battery door before charging.

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