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English; Description - Philips HD4917/00 Manual

Induction cooker 7 menus 7 power lcd with timer white
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The induction cooker works on the basis of an electromagnet that creates a powerful, high-
frequency electromagnetic field. When cookware consisting of magnetic material (e.g. iron) is placed
on the induction cooker, the electromagnetic field transfers energy to the bottom of the cookware,
which causes the cookware and the food inside it to become hot. The amount of heat generated in
the cookware is controlled by varying the strength of the electromagnetic field. When the strength
of the electromagnetic field is changed, the temperature of the cookware changes instantly.
Advantages of the induction cooker:
Safe: the induction cooker does not make use of an open flame or fire. It also has a number of
safety features, which allow you to enjoy cooking with your family whenever you want.
Fast: in induction cooking, the cookware serves as the heat source. This results in much faster
and more even heat transfer, shortening the cooking time by more than 1/3 compared to
conventional cooking.
Versatile: the induction cooker has 7 preset cooking modes, each with its own optimal heating
pattern. These modes allow you to prepare a great variety of nutritious meals.
Very user friendly: the simple and interactive control panel and display allow you to easily adjust
the settings at the touch of a button.
Comfortable: the induction cooking process is smoke-free and produces less grease. Moreover,
the cooker and the surrounding area stay cool. This allows you to cook in a cool
and comfortable environment.
Portable: the induction cooker has a compact design and the cooking plate stays cool. This
means the appliance is always safe to use and allows you to cook anywhere in your home.
general description (Fig. 1)
a Crystalite cooking plate
B Body
C Cooking zone
D Control panel
E Display
F Air outlet
g Air inlet
H Mains cord
Control panel
1 Preset cooking modes with indicator lights
2 Hr:Min button (cooking time)
3 Timer button
4 Display
5 Power level/cooking temperature indication
6 +/- buttons (for setting cooking time, power level and cooking temperature)
7 Start button
8 Power on/off button
Read this user manual carefully before you use the appliance and save it for future reference.
Never immerse the appliance in water or rinse it under the tap.

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