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Note: Before you press the Start button to confirm the selected mode, you can still switch to any other
preset mode. If you want to switch to a different preset mode after you have pressed the start button,
you have to switch off the appliance by pressing the Power on/off button. Then press the Power on/off
button again to switch the appliance back on and select the desired preset mode.
The indicator light above the button goes on (Fig. 12).
If you want to start cooking at the default setting of the selected preset mode, continue with
step 6.
See the default settings and cooking time table above for the default settings in the different cooking
If you want to adjust the power level or cooking temperature, press the + and -
buttons. (Fig. 7)
If the power level is adjustable, 'W' light goes on and the power level flashes. (Fig. 9)
If the temperature is adjustable, 'C' light goes on. (Fig. 13)
Certain settings cannot be adjusted. See the table above for information about the settings that can
or cannot be adjusted in the preset modes.
Note: You can also adjust the power level or cooking temperature during cooking.
If you want to adjust the cooking time: (Fig. 14)
Press the Hr:Min button.
Adjust the time with the + and - buttons. (Fig. 7)
Note: When you press the + and - buttons briefly, the time increases or decreases by 1 minute. When you
press the buttons longer, the time increases or decreases by 5 minutes.
Note: You can also adjust the cooking time during cooking.
Press the Start button (Fig. 8).
The induction cooker automatically starts operating according to the selected mode.
During cooking, the fan switches on to keep the appliance cool. When you switch off the
appliance, the fan remains on for approx. 1 minute and then switches off automatically.
The display shows the remaining cooking time (Fig. 10).
When the cooking time has elapsed, the appliance beeps a few times.
The appliance automatically switches off and the power-on light goes out.
Note: If you want to stop cooking, press the Power on/off button. The appliance then switches off.

using the timer

You can use the Timer button to set the time at which you want the appliance to start cooking at a
preset cooking mode.
For example: if it is 14:00 hours and you want the appliance to start cooking at 18:00 hours, set the
timer to 4.00 (4 hours) and press the Start button. After 4 hours, at 18:00 hours, the appliance
automatically starts cooking.
You can use the timer function for the Stew, Soup/Congee, Steam modes.
You can set a start time of 5 minutes to 12 hours.
Follow steps 1 to 5 of section 'Using the preset cooking modes'.
Press the Timer button (Fig. 15).
Press the + and - buttons to set the number of minutes or hours after which you want the
appliance to start cooking (Fig. 7).
Note: Press the + or - button briefly to increase or decrease the time in steps of 5 minutes. When you
press the + or - button longer, the time increases or decreases in steps of 1 hour.
Press the Start button to start the timer (Fig. 8).
The timer light goes on.

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